Dude, Where’s My Moon?

As I write, a giant dragon is trying to eat the Moon. Well, according to an ancient Chinese myth anyway…really, it’s just fairly regular hogging of the Sun’s light by the Earth, commonly known as a Lunar Eclipse – people in Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and most of Asia are currently seeing this one.

We’re missing this one here in Cincinnati. Turns out, it didn’t start until after the full moon set here this morning. I was lucky enough to witness a spectacular total lunar eclipse, though, on the morning of August 28, 2007. My friend Alan and I had an 8:00am appointment in Louisville, Kentucky that morning, and we had a front-row seat for the entire eclipse, as we drove southwest on Interstate 71 from Cincinnati to Louisville. This video shows, in 24 seconds, what we got to experience for a couple of hours:

Back to the giant dragon: This was just one of the many colorful myths and legends that people who lacked the benefit of modern scientific knowledge would use to accept what they didn’t understand. This served to remind me of the different ways that we see certain competitors represent the performance of their products using intentionally vague and potentially misleading verbiage & methods. For instance:

*One company reports favorable air consumption rates of their nozzles at a test pressure of 100 psig, but, because of the hose & fittings used, their actual pressure at the nozzle is no more than 70 psig. No wonder their published consumption rates look so good…oddly enough, ours use less air at lower pressures too.

*Another air nozzle supplier also publishes favorable air consumption values, but they bury their test pressure of 72 psig in a footnote in the back of their catalog.

The bottom line is, they want you to accept what they don’t want you to understand. EXAIR publishes complete and consistent performance data in our catalog AND our new Blowoff Guide (request your free copy here.) Not only do we stand behind all of our products, we’ll stand them up against anyone else’s:

*If you want a side-by-side comparison, you can see for yourself by getting an EXAIR product in your facility…everything in our catalog is covered by our 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee. We invite you to put it through its paces for up to a month. If it doesn’t outperform what you’re using now, we’ll arrange a return for full credit.

*Or, if you want accurate, quantifiable data but don’t have the test equipment, we can test your existing devices here in our Efficiency Lab. Our Application Engineers will provide a report detailing the performance of your device, and the corresponding performance of one of our engineered product solutions. We can even record it on high definition video for your viewing pleasure.

Do you have questions about the efficiency and productivity of your compressed air devices? Give me a call – I’m eager to help.

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