A For Ingenuity, F For Performance

Over the past month or so, I have had several customers taking advantage of the EXAIR Efficiency Lab.  This one that came in really stood out to me though.  This is a 48″ long Steel pipe that was custom designed and made by the customer.  The unit has slots that we believe were EDM’d into the pipe.


The customer was using this to blow debris off sheets of steel.   Once we got the pipe hooked up and set to run we were only able to generate 3.5 psig inlet pressure to the pipe.   The measured consumption was 176.55 SCFM at 3.5 psig inlet pressure.  They were utilizing 80 psig inlet pressure, needless to say it was slightly overkill for the application.    At 80 psig the pipe would consume over 1,400 SCFM of compressed air.

We were able to replace the pipe with a 48″ Super Air Knife Kit that still produced the necessary force to remove the debris from the steel, and only consumed 139.2 SCFM at 80 psig.   The customer was able to save 1,252.8 SCFM and reduced the noise level drastically.   The amount of air saved is equivalent to a little more than a 300 HP compressor.   The amount of air saved is equivalent to 31.3 cents per minute of operation.

We get surprised (still) every now and then at the amount of compressed air customers are willing to use for applications. This example was a surprising one. But, now we have a customer who knows that EXAIR knows how to save compressed air and keep the plant running…while staying OSHA compliant…while reducing noise levels.

These guys took some time and spent some money to make this custom homemade blow off pipe. Needless to say, something that costs more and is custom, isn’t always better.  If you have a compressed air application in house and would like to see how you can optimize it, contact us.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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