Customer Wants to Cool His Part in 40 Seconds Time


In my e-mails yesterday I noted this application  in particular because not only did the customer want to cool his PCB board / computer down from 80°C down to 40°C, he wanted to do so in 40 seconds time. He did provide some dimensions of the part but other than that, he did not provide any details.

Short of knowing the specific heats of all the materials contained within the customer’s part and running that data through a CFD modelling program, there is not any realistic way to predict how a product like this will react to a cooling process. Then on the cooling side of things, if we blast it with a Super Air Knife or Super Air Amplifier, we can take out the initial heat quite easily, but as you get closer to the target that cooling curve will flatten out. If we consider using a Vortex Tube, we no longer have to worry about getting the temperature below the 40C target the customer has set, but then we really need a small cooling chamber into which we can place the part so as to have a contained area in which the cold air can pass over the product and sink the heat out.

Can we predict how either of these cooling methods will work? Yes, to some degree we can just from experience. But when the customer puts a time requirement on the process, the whole ballgame changes.

Luckily we have ability to allow the customer to test either or both methods of cooling so that they can trust they will reach their target temperature in the allotted time frame. Many times customers who face such questions can only do one thing to get the answer and that is run a test.

EXAIR believes in this method of proving out applications. We even provide a guarantee to allow customers to purchase the product, test it in their application for 30 days so as to answer these deep questions about whether or not something like this can happen in the time frame they want. If it does not work, call us and arrange to send the product back. If it does work, then that is another job well done.

Despite what some might think, Application Engineering isn’t always an exact science. Of course we will do our best to evaluate the application and let you know our opinion. If there is a chance to succeed well enough that we invite you to use the 30 day guarantee, our confidence is pretty high on the solution.

Give us a call today to discuss your application and let us go through the details with you to determine if we can produce the result you want in the time frame you have.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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