Blowoff Kit Provides OSHA Compliant Options

This week I worked with a customer who was just appointed the Safety Director for her plant and she was looking to replace several open pipe blowoffs. She had two main objectives for any replacement she chose: 1. An OSHA compliant alternative and 2. A reduction of air consumption if possible.

Once again, EXAIR had the perfect solution,  as ALL of our nozzles are engineered to meet or exceed OSHA Standard 1910.242(b) for 30 psi dead end pressure (cannot be dead ended) and OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.95(a) for allowable noise exposure. Also, when comparing our nozzles to open pipes, we are able to dramatically reduce compressed air usage (see below chart).

Open Tube and Pipe
Open tubes and pipes waste compressed air as shown in this chart from our catalog. They also violate OSHA dead end pressure standards.

The customer had several different size lines they were hoping to retrofit, so I recommended our Model # 1909 Blowoff Kit. This blowoff kit includes the following nozzles:

1909 Blowoff Kit
Model # 1909 Blowoff Kit
1909SS Blowoff Kit
Model # 1909SS Blowoff Kit (Stainless Steel construction.  less Air Jets)

By ordering the kit, the customer could test the different nozzles in her various applications to determine the best suitable product. Of course, the nozzles that do not fit the requirements could always be returned under our Unconditional 30 Day Guarantee.

If you need to replace the dangerous, wasteful open pipes in your facility, please give us a call at 1-800-903-9247.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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