Is It Safe?

Earlier today I spoke with a woman who was concerned about her operators and their safety around compressed air.   She was particularly concerned about their current air nozzles and was inquiring about our Super Air Nozzles.  The customer currently uses a commercially available blow gun that is down-right-cheap and it gets the job done.  However, after a recent education on the OSHA standards for compressed air pressure, she is now investigating replacing these cheap commercial guns with an engineered, safe solution.

After discussing the EXAIR advantage, the customer still asked, just how do I know it cannot be dead ended.   I offered her our Air Nozzles  product video which is shown below for a visual explanation.

EXAIR Air Nozzles Video
EXAIR Air Nozzles Video

Once the customer watched the video, I explained to her the risk of air embolism and the risk of breaching the noise level permitted by OSHA, she wanted to try one and see it for herself.   Purchasing a nozzle for trial from us was an easy decision due to our 30 day guarantee. She made the decision to purchase and to test one in her facility.

The EXAIR Guarantee
The EXAIR Guarantee

Once the customer receives her first EXAIR Soft Grip Safety Air Gun we are going to have a discussion on outfitting them with proper extensions that will fit all the needs throughout the entire facility.

If you have questions on how you can ensure your operators are using compressed air safely, or what makes an EXAIR product meet or exceed the OSHA standards, contact us.

Meets or Exceeds OSHA Requirements
Meets or Exceeds OSHA Requirements

Brian  Farno
Application Engineer Manager

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