High Lift Chip Trapper For Machine Tools With Below Grade Sumps

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost ten years since EXAIR introduced our High Lift Chip Trapper Systems…but here we are, and users have proven to be just as pleased with them as Chip Trapper users always have been. I’m gauging that not only on the positive reports we get, but from the impressively low rate of returns. EXAIR honors a 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee on all catalog products – you get a month to try it out – if it’s not going to work out, for any reason, we’ll arrange return for full credit. And, to date, nobody’s returned a High Lift Chip Trapper System.

If there’s one thing that machine shops have in common, it’s that housekeeping is ALWAYS a concern. It can be tough to keep with production and still keep the floors, machines, and even the air, clean. Then there’s the machine tool coolant. That’s a job that a good number of shops simply ‘farm out’ to someone else; oftentimes their coolant supplier, who’s also in the business of removing and disposing of (or recycling) used coolant.

That’s precisely what a recent caller who works in the machine shop of a company (that actually makes CNC machine tools) wanted to talk about the other day. He was tasked by his boss with finding a better way to deal with coolant maintenance. Their coolant supplier showed up according to schedule, pumped the old coolant out of their machines, and pumped new coolant right back in. It was convenient, but pricey. So they called EXAIR.

Since some of their coolant sumps are below grade (remember, these are machine tools that MAKE machine tools), we went straight to the High Lift Chip Trappers. Consider:

  • They develop a suction lift of 180″H2O (336mmHg), so below grade pumping is no problem.
  • With a sound level of 83dBA, they’re likely going to one of the quieter things running in a typical machine shop.
  • They’ll pump water (or water based coolant) at a rate of 30 gallons per minute, so even a 100 gallon coolant sump can be serviced in less than 15 minutes.
EXAIR High Lift Chip Trapper Systems come in 30, 55, and 110 Gallon sizes. All systems come complete with drum, dolly, switching valve, High Lift RDV, 20ft vacuum hose & pickup wand, two Filter Bags, and even a compressed air supply hose with a gauge & shutoff valve. They assemble in minutes…all you need is a supply of compressed air!

In their case, even their largest machines only have 50 gallon coolant sumps, so they bought a Model 6190 55 Gallon High Lift Chip Trapper System, and put it to work the same day they received it. After a ‘trial run’ on a couple of select machines, their plan is to cancel their used coolant removal service, and after getting a feel for the extended life they can get out of their coolant with regular cleaning, save some money on new coolant deliveries to boot!

This is just the latest development in a long line of EXAIR Chip Trapper success stories. If you’d like to consider being added to that list, give me a call.

Russ Bowman, CCASS

Application Engineer
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