Low Pressure Alarms Got You Down?

When the operating air pressure within a manufacturing facility drops it is easily noticed.  This is because the equipment that is depending on that air pressure to stay above a set point will generally stop working and halt in an alarm state safely.  (This is not always the case and in fact I have personally seen machines crash due to low compressed air pressure.)  This creates down time, safety hazards, equipment hazards and is all around not good for production.  This is why low pressure alarms are taken very seriously in most facilities.(See the video below.)


Sometimes the reason behind low air pressure in areas is easy to find.  If the alarm happens every time a machine reaches a point in the production cycle where air is used to blow parts off then the point of use blow off can be looked at to see how its efficiency can be maximized.   Other times it is not so simple.  There may not be a pattern to when the low pressure alarm goes off and therefore cannot be easily traced.   This is where the 6 Steps To Compressed Air Optimization comes in to play.  The best way to narrow down what area the fault is generating in is to get some base line measurements on the total air usage for the system by using a product like the Digital Flowmeter with USB Data logger.

EXAIR's Digital Flowmeter w/ USB Data Logger
EXAIR’s Digital Flowmeter w/ USB Data Logger

Once the baseline is known for the complete system, measuring the main branch lines for the systems will then need to be performed. This could be on the main header where it branches off to individual areas of the plant, or if it is a small shop any line that is off the main header.  By recording the usage over a period of time it will highlight use trends including low use/high use times and random spikes in demand you may not be aware of. The next step would be to then look further into the high use and random spikes. If a flow meter is placed on individual legs of the air system, it will be easier to determine what area of the plant is causing high use, or knowing what processes occur during the time period shown in the data.

By having flow meters on individual branches the cause of the high demand on the compressed air system will become very clearer, whether it be an open pipe blow off, stuck valve on a drain, or just an operator not paying attention, the cause will be able to be determined and eliminated.

EXAIR offers a full range of Digital Flowmeters with USB data loggers and we offer custom calibrations as well as sizes to fit virtually any compressed air piping you may have within your facility.   Feel free to contact an Application Engineer to discuss the possibilities.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer Manager

EXAIR Now Has A Softball Team…. Again

It’s that time of the year, to play ball.   EXAIR now has a recreational softball team that is going to be playing on Thursday nights here in Cincinnati.  The team is going to be composed of guys from our production team, engineering department, marketing department, and even our President.

As of right now we are still gathering our equipment up and it seems like it is going to turn out to be a combination of The Sandlot, along with The Bad News Bears. (Not the Billy Bob Thorton version.)  The interesting part of the process so far is that we have already started to pull together and help each other out.  Even people who aren’t going to be playing have volunteered to watch us for comedic relief or donate some old equipment to the cause.

So other than being a group of guys that haven’t played sports in a handful of years we have one thing going for us and that is the support from EXAIR.   It really goes to show you what kind company EXAIR is.  We’ll not only help you find what you need, let you try the unit out for 30 days, then stand behind it for 5 years against manufacturer’s defect.  We will also be here to support troubleshooting and any other help you may need with the product by phone, e-mail, live chat or even fax.

If you have a question on any of our products, don’t hesitate to call.   Also, if you are in Cincinnati and want to watch some live entertainment, let us know and we’ll get you the team schedule.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer