Soft Grip Super Air Scraper Makes Quick Work of Stubborn Debris

EXAIR’s newest addition to the Safety Air Gun and Air Nozzle family is the Soft Grip Super Air Scraper. Utilizing a patent pending nozzle, the Soft Grip Super Air Scraper combines the high velocity airflow from the 2” Flat Nozzle with a strong, corrosion resistant stainless steel scraper blade.


Stuck-on debris and stubborn grime is no match for the Soft Grip Super Air Scraper. The scraper blade used in addition with the Soft Grip Safety Air Gun provides necessary leverage to allow you to get underneath and scrape away debris. The strong airflow from the 2” Flat Nozzle also gets underneath the material, allowing it to be easily blown away.

It makes quick work of applications such as removal of tape from floors, gaskets, adhesive, labels and stickers, grease, paint and sealant. The Soft Grip Super Air Scraper comes standard with a durable ¾” air extension in lengths ranging from 6”-72” as well as with optional Chip Shields to protect your operators from blowback of material.


Here in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m sure you’ve noticed the floor markings that are being placed on the ground to help encourage proper social distancing. While necessary, these labels are a real pain to remove when they need to be replaced. Constant foot traffic, wear and tear, etc. quickly makes these labels illegible and they need to be replaced. The strong adhesive used to ensure they remain in place on the ground is great, for keeping them in place that is. However, when it’s time to remove them to replace, good luck! Rather than just scraping away for an hour as you try to remove each and every last piece of label, get yourself one of EXAIR’s Soft Grip Super Air Scrapers. You’ll find yourself trying to find a mess to clean up in the shop as it makes quick work of otherwise stubborn materials. Check out this demo and see for yourself:

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Tyler Daniel
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_TD