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I saw school buses on the road this morning…a stark reminder that the summer season is coming to an end. My sons have mixed emotions about it. My youngest is excited about playing in the band (I’m picking up his trumpet tomorrow) and my eldest is biting at the bit for the start of his second season of football. Neither, however, is looking forward to setting their alarm clocks to a time that will allow them to catch that 6:30am bus!

In the office this week, we’ve been recapping our summer vacations. Some went low-key, with long weekends at lakes and/or campgrounds; others spent time at some of the more serious Tourist Destinations. Our family was in the “low-key” group this year, but I blame the kids: one took a school trip to Space Camp, the other enjoyed a week and a half at the Boy Scouts’ National Jamboree, and they both spent a week each at Boy Scout Summer Camp and church camp. They had a ball, though, and I wouldn’t have changed those plans for all the beaches and theme parks and cruise ships in the world.  Of course, Space Camp and National Jamboree were one-time events, so we ARE looking towards beaches, theme parks, or maybe even cruise ships, next year.

I’m not real big on taking a lot of pictures on vacation – since photography isn’t a bona fide hobby, I find it to be a distraction from enjoying the activity. Plus, a lot of the Tourist Destinations have a camera staff who are more than happy to provide you photos (for an additional fee), so you don’t have to worry about it. In fact, one of my co-workers encountered a theme park that “doubled down” on that: they charged you to take the photo, AND they charged you for the actual photo (or the “discount package” – the more you buy, the more you save…) as well!

Now, I AM real big on those photo cut-out boards: the ones where you stick your head through and take pictures of each other hang gliding, space walking, bodybuilding, surfing, etc. I subject my family to every single one that we encounter, no matter where we are. They appeal to both my frugal nature, and cheesy personality, I guess.

If you’re still reading this because of the title, it’s time to make good: this week only, EXAIR is offering a double freebie: request a copy of our Blow Off Guide (which is always free), and get a FREE Super Air Nozzle (we actually sell those most of the time…it’s a business thing; you understand.) If you’re a current user of our products, consider it an expression of gratitude for your business. If you don’t yet know how efficient and quiet our engineered compressed air products are, now’s your time to find out. You’ve only got until Friday to take advantage, though…this offer, like our summer, is drawing to an end soon.

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