Engineered Flat Air Nozzles Remove Oil from Parts & Eliminate Packaging Rejects

Coating station for tapered roller bearings

A few months ago I helped an end user find a solution to remove residual oil from u-joints (technically termed “spiders”).  As the u-joints moved through the application, lubricant would accumulate in the bottom of a collection area.  This accumulation presented problems in the next phase of the process, and a method to remove the oil from the u-joints was the perfect solution.

Transfer “gutter”

Fast forward a few months and a similar application has surfaced.  In the new application, tapered roller bearings are coated in lubricant and then transferred from the coating station through a metal gutter and into a transporter.  At the end of the process the bearings are placed into packaging, and excessive oil is leaking through the packaging.  The affected packages are deemed defective, resulting in rework for the bearing manufacturer.

Bearing transporter. After moving through this stage of the process the bearings are packaged for delivery.

Similar to the original application, we found a solution through the use of an engineered air nozzle setup.  Model 1122 Super Air Nozzles and 12″ Stay Set Hoses can mount to the coating station using magnetic bases.  The airflow from the nozzles are then aimed over the bearings to remove excessive lubricant, effectively removing the root cause of the packaging defects.

By removing the excess lubricant at the lubricating station (which is equipped with a slotted table), the excess oil is channeled through the table and into a collection bin.  The end user is then able to reclaim the same oil which would leak through the packaging and cause defects.  So, in addition to solving a problem related to defects, the end user is also able to reduce wasted lubricant in the process.

Reducing defects and lowering material use in this application is made possible through the correct application of an engineered blow off solution.  If you have a similar application or think an engineered solution may benefit your application, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.


Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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