Don’t Blink, You’ll Miss It

1 – Don’t Blink Caffeinate

We discuss optimizing compressed air systems and starting all of them on your demand side. If you are new to the blog or to compressed air, this is an important place to start because it can put capacity back into your system and help prevent shutdowns due to excessive compressed air use. One of the keys to utilizing compressed air in applications is to ensure it is off when not needed. This is also a benefit of compressed air.

You see, you can use an electromechanical solenoid valve to rapidly turn compressed air off and on. Because it is compressed and will rapidly feed through a blowoff you can use this rapid off/on to your advantage within a facility. Rather than just having to let a blower stay on or wait for it to spool up and fill a large duct, the piping of a compressed air system can already be supplied, and the valve can be located very near to the blowoff “nozzle” which means you can get the work done with instant response time. And, any amount of gap in demand builds capacity back into your supply system.

The EXAIR Electronic Flow Control gives the ability to turn the compressed air off and on within 1/10th of a second. Don’t blink, you’ll miss it! That’s right, if you had an intermittent demand or even something that would benefit from repeated impacts of the air on the surface it can be done down to one tenth of a second with the EFC. Even if you just use this rapid off/on for blowoff on a continuous product and it works to where you don’t need the continuous you can save as much as 50% of the air going into what would otherwise be a continuous operation blowoff, assuming an on 1/10th and off 1/10th (of a second).

The other advantage to something like an Electronic Flow Control is that it simplifies the operators’s input to work correctly. There are no valves for them to physically turn on and off, no foot pedals to step on and energize the air, and no triggers to pull. While these all have their place, they lend themselves to variations in the length of time used or not used. Most processes in production environments don’t handle variables extremely well. Consistency is key and the EFC delivers on this point.

If you want to talk about how you can benefit from a rapid off/on of compressed air and put some capacity back into your system, contact an Application Engineer today.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

1 – Amy from United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Don’t BLINK or You’ll Miss It!

Over the weekend we had an incredible art installation take place and they call it BLINK! This event takes place in downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, spanning more than 30 city blocks and crossing the historic John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge over the Ohio River. BLINK  turns the region into an outdoor art museum with large-scale projection mapping, murals, and immersive art. All of the entries have some kind of light element and center around light.

There are so many people involved in the opening night parade, including University of Cincinnati art students, local dance studios, art collectives, high school bands, and local companies. Each of them helped kick off the festivities with brightly lit costumes and accessories for all to enjoy.

This is the second year for this event and the first year we went downtown to see it, and man was it incredible! These artists must put months of work into the installations they create. I tried to get a few photos but i was so amazed I only took this one!

Cincinnati BLINK

This is just one example of the amazing projections! To be honest there were so many installations it would probably take someone all four days to see them.

Not only do I give props to the artist who designed the installations, but kudos to the engineers who brought their ideas to life. We suspect there will be a BLINK 2020 but are waiting to hear the announcement. Many EXAIR folks went down to visit the event, we are happy (and proud) to support our local art communities by spreading the word and enjoying what they have brought to this event.

Photos of BLINK 2019 here.

I look forward to next year and I have a suspicion more cities may have similar things to this in the coming years!

Jordan Shouse
Application Engineer

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