Line Vac Makes Golf Ball Testing More Efficient

Recently, we at EXAIR worked with a major player in the golf ball manufacturing world.  As an avid golfer myself, this was an application I could really get a ‘grip’ on and I had the ‘drive’ to propose a solution.

Golf Ball Pyramids

The customer was involved in Research & Development, performing testing on the golf balls through robotic hitting, collection, and attribute measurement. The current set up involved the ball being hit, gravity collection into a PVC tube, and then an operator unhooking the tube, walking it over to and unloading the balls onto a rack, in the same order of hitting. The customer wanted to eliminate the manual task of the tube handling and have the balls delivered directly to the rack area.  The transfer would need to be 15′ vertically, then 15′ horizontally, before dropping down to table level.  A typical rate is only 5 balls per minute. This is a perfect application for the Line Vac, a compressed air operated conveyor.

EXAIR had previously tested golf ball conveyance, as seen in the Line Vac video below (at the 1:53 mark) where golf balls are conveyed 100′, at only 30 PSIG of supply pressure.

To present the best solution to customer, we had 2 dozen golf balls sent to us, and we set-up and simulated the actual conveyance conditions of 15′ vertical and 15′ horizontal travel. We found that the balls could be conveyed at only 20 PSIG of supply pressure, when presented one at a time. When the inlet was flooded with golf balls, simulating a worst case condition, the Line Vac was able to perform the conveyance at 60 PSIG. Operation at 80-100 PSIG is possible providing a operational safety factor.

The customer was impressed with the results and has implemented the model 6984 – 2″ Aluminum Line Vac Kit into the process, making the process more efficient.

Model 6984 – 2″ Aluminum Line Vac Kit, with Auto Drain Filter Separator, Pressure Regulator, and Mounting/Coupling Kit for the Filter/Regulator

We have a team of Application Engineers that are ready to review your process and application, and help to determine if an EXAIR Line Vac can convey your material at the distance and rate desired.  We may even have you send in small sample of the material, and we can set-up, test, and share the results with you.

If you have questions about Line Vacs, or would like to talk about any of the EXAIR Intelligent Compressed Air® Products, feel free to contact EXAIR and myself or any of our Application Engineers can help you determine the best solution.

Brian Bergmann
Application Engineer

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Golf Ball Pyramids by Beau B used under Creative Commons – CC BY 2.0

Compressed Air Noise Problem? Solve it With EXAIR Products

There is a new way to clean golf shoes!  That is with an EXAIR Safety Air Gun to blow the grass off their cleats and shoes.  In keeping with “new and better” methods, a golf course decided to purchase an air compressor, hose, and an air gun at the local hardware store.  They mounted the compressor inside a room to keep the noise levels low.  They put the air hose and air gun outside near the club house entrance for patrons to clean their spikes and shoes.

Problem: With most golf courses, they have the 9th and 18th greens near the club house.  They started to get complaints about the noise that was being generated by the compressed air gun, especially when the golfers on the green were ready to putt.

Solution: The golf course contacted EXAIR because they saw that we were experts in the field of compressed air products with noise, safety and efficiency.  I suggested the 1409SS Precision Safety Air Gun with chip shield.  With our engineered air nozzles and Precision Safety Air Gun, we were able to reduce the noise level to 68 dBA.  This is similar to a normal conversation at 3 feet (1 meter) away.  Also with the chip shield, it will help contain the grass and mud, and help attenuate the noise level even lower.  With the added features in saving compressed air, safety for dead end pressure, and localized hard hitting force, the golf course was excited to replace their current air gun.

Precision Safety Air Gun
Precision Safety Air Gun

When people go and purchase an air gun to use in their garage, shop, or even the golf course, one important factor that is overlooked is the air nozzle.  No matter how good the air gun is manufactured, the nozzle can make the air gun extremely loud and inefficient.  Just like a top-of-the-line paint gun, if the spray nozzle spits and sputters, you will never get a nice paint job.  The same goes with air guns.  EXAIR offers Safety Air Guns with engineered Super Air Nozzles to create the best combination for compressed air usage, i.e. low noise levels, safety, hard hitting force, and increased efficiency.  If you would like to discuss the features and benefits of the EXAIR Safety Air Guns and the Super Air Nozzles, you can contact our Application Engineers at 1-800-903-9247.

John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb