Reversible Drum Vac Services Ultrasonic Cleaner

The other day, I got a call from a customer who was frustrated with how long it took to change the solution out in their shop’s ultrasonic cleaners. Most folks are familiar with ultrasonic cleaners as the magic contraption that jewelry shops use to keep the gold and silver in their display cabinets all bright & shiny. My first thought was, this caller is NOT talking about those. Turns out, they come in MUCH larger sizes, and are used to clean a variety of industrial parts.

They were using a small submersible pump, but it was troublesome in that they could only use a 1/2″ hose (it was actually made for aquarium use,) and it took a long time to get 25-30 gallons out of their cleaners. Plus, there was always a little left in the bottom that had to be scooped out, because the centrifugal pump lost suction with about 1/2″ of liquid still standing in the bottom.

Since they were pumping it into one of the 30 gallon drums that they received the solution in, the EXAIR Model 6196-30 Reversible Drum Vac System (for 30 Gallon Drum) was an ideal choice. It used to take up to 15 minutes to empty the ultrasonic cleaner now takes about a minute, and they can get it all out, except for a small amount that has to be wiped up with a sponge.

The EXAIR Reversible Drum Vac - four sizes to choose from; tools & accessories to fit your needs.
The EXAIR Reversible Drum Vac – four sizes to choose from; tools & accessories to fit your needs.

EXAIR has a wide range of Industrial Vacuums to choose from…wet or dry, big or small, and a variety of accessories & tools to make life easier. If you’d like to find out how to turn a standard drum into an air operated vacuum system, give me a call.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Super Air Knife Remedies Ultrasonic Parts Wash Fluid Recovery

I recently worked with a manufacturing company who was looking to incorporate a blowoff in their ultrasonic wash, dip tank process to reclaim excess corrosion inhibitor. They manufacturer a variety of carbon and stainless steel parts which are loaded into a 20″ x 13″ basket and lowered into a tank where they dip the parts in a petroleum oil based corrosion inhibitor. The current cycle is controlled by a PLC and the parts baskets are loaded by a robot so they were looking to keep the system as automated as possible.

I recommended they mount an 18″ Super Air Knife on the each side wall of the tank, at a slight angle blowing down into the tank, to recover the excess fluid back into the tank. Since they were planning on operating both knives from one main supply, I recommended they use a pressure regulator to adjust the supply pressure to provide some control over the output flow and velocity so the lighter/smaller parts weren’t disrupted or blown from the basket. In addition, they could incorporate a solenoid valve to provide the needed on/off service while still being able to control the system from their current PLC.

Super Air Knife
Super Air Knife available in aluminum, 303ss and 316ss construction up to 108″ in length.

After discussing the application and solution with the customer, their last concern was delivery. With no current blowoff in place, they were wasting a lot of the coating solution as well as causing delays and rejects in the entire process, so providing a readily available solution was critical to their needs. The customer was able to rest easy as all of the products we discussed were In Stock – Ready to Ship same day (with an order received by 3:00 PM EST).

For help with a similar application or if you would like to discuss your particular process, please give us a call to talk to one of our application engineers.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer