The Professor’s Game Show!

Professor Penurious is up to something new.  I think he has been watching way too much daytime television.  Take a look and let us know if we need to limit his TV time.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer

A Ride Down Memory Lane

The past few weeks been very busy, both here at EXAIR and at home.    Last night was the first night in quite some time where I arrived home to a quiet house and which afforded me some time to decompress and process. I had roughly one hour of time before my wife and daughters got home and so I sat down and just stopped thinking about everything.   I turned the TV on and my Home Theater PC was going through all the pictures that we have stored on it as a slide show.

The pictures ranged from family gatherings before we had kids to my first daughter’s birth (wow, there are a lot of pictures of that first kid!), through time and up to the present which finds me with a 4 year old and a 16 month old.  You can even see our two dogs growing older in the pictures from every month.

In no time at all the hour was up and I heard the garage door opening up.  Then got to see the three women that make my life awesome come through the door – and its a great event to have young kids who still celebrate seeing their dad for the first time in a day.

Many of us have such busy lives that I’m sure you can appreciate some down time at home which allows you to refocus. It certainly helped me to bring everything here at EXAIR right back into focus.  EXAIR keeps pushing forward (in case you haven’t noticed) with expanded product lines, new products, new people and new services.  We’ve come a long way since we began in 1983.  Instead of a single product sheet for a catalog we now have a 164 page catalog and every single product line has grown to encompass more and more models.   Our product lines aren’t the only thing that have grown also.  You can see just how much we have grown by the many co-ops, Professor Penurious has enlisted, I mean employed. He’s had so many co-ops he has a slide show of his own.


So if you haven’t seen our newest items or are still rocking the timeless Catalog 99 because you like vintage items – give us a call or visit our website at, a lot has changed but our top notch service remains.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Today We Say Goodbye

Today is a sadhappy, well let’s just say it’s a day here at EXAIR.   It is back to school time throughout most of the country and sadly enough, it is the last day of our Co-Op’s final quarter semester as a Co-Op.


You may notice him from his star role in films such as, Escape To The Planet Of Professor Penurious, Will It Launch, Penurious 2012, What I Do, and The Professor “Raps”? I’m Speechless.   Yes, he is the first and only Co-Op here to get a face tattoo, for work purposes.   Needless to say the Co-Op program here at EXAIR is not the normal engineering Co-Op experience.

We like to think that we have given our Co-Op the experience of a lifetime.   The truth is, he has learned a good amount about compressed air and how to save it, mostly thanks to The Professor.  Below is Prof. Penurious in his casual Friday dress with the Co-Op and his trophy of things that didn’t make it through his time of use here at EXAIR.


We all wish him a great final year at the wonderful University of Cincinnati, along with a great future even after he graduates.  Hopefully for him it will be far away from the Professor.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Blogging After The Professor

Well, The Professor has done it again.  He has managed to once again step outside the lab and find another way to express his love for EXAIR.  In case you didn’t see the next billboard number one hit music video, here’s a link.  It’s never easy trying to come up with something to blog about after the Professor posts one of his videos so I thought I would just share a simple bit of information.

nozzle 1 nozzle 2

In 2013, EXAIR will be celebrating 30 years of being in business.  We have come a long way from a simple two-sided sales flier to the current 164 FULL page FULL COLOR catalog.  We’ve added more and more ways for our customers to reach us. Instead of just a phone number you can call, chat, email, tweet, facebook, visit in person, fax or even use snail mail.  Not only do we have all those avenues set in place, we use them on a daily basis. We have also added our mobile site into the mix and even include QR code labels on our parts for easy access to information while in the field.  Every month, we release an informal/how to video created by one of the Application Engineers and we blog almost daily.   I don’t know of many companies that have as many ways to communicate and get a fast answer as EXAIR.  Not only do we help with information as fast as possible, we ship in-stock orders on the same day.  That is any catalog item, shipped within the states, as long as we have the order by 3:30 PM EST, it ships.  Not many companies can even come close to that.

Catalog 25 Cover

I’m sure there will be many more blog posts this year about our upcoming anniversary, and I can’t quite express how happy I am that I can be part of this event.  It’s not easy to be at the top and be the market leader, but we won’t accept anything less.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer