Tourney Time!

This week begins my favorite time of year – college basketball madness!

Basketball hoop
It’s Awesome baby, with a capital A!

Like many of us around the country, my fan loyalty resides with a relatively small, local college that has seen a lot of program growth in recent years – Xavier University. For example, during the 2003-2004 season, the team was ranked preseason top 11 in the country but stumbled along the way and found themselves at 10-8 with a pivotal game against their in state, conference rival. They ended up losing the game and the players held a “team only” meeting afterwards so the seniors could, let’s just say, “focus” the team on their goals. Whatever was said in that locker room worked, as the team went on to finish the regular season with a 9-1 record and win 4 conference tourney games in 4 days (first team to ever tackle this feat) to capture the automatic bid to the national field of 64, where they eventually lost by only 3 points in their first ever Elite 8, to a certain team from Durham, NC. (It was the REFS fault and no I’m not bitter LOL).

In 2008 the team was facing a similar challenge as they had lost several close games and were now again faced with needing to win 4 games in 4 days to get the automatic conference title bid. They went on to secure the bid and were able to reach the Elite 8 again for the 2nd time in 4 years but their run ended with a loss to the #1 seed in the region. The school has now joined a larger conference which is great for national notoriety and recruiting but also brings a higher level in competition, either boosting or damaging their tournament resume.

This year has followed suit to previous years as the team didn’t perform up to expectations and spent much of the latter part of the regular season on the proverbial “bubble”. After each win or loss, the prognosticators would move them from a “lock” to the “bubble”, or even more confusing, “still has work to do” category. All that mattered was just win and let the rest take care of itself. The team did just that as they went on to make the finals of the conference tournament but were easily handled by the first place team and eventually lost.

The selection committee has rewarded their conference affiliation along with conference tournament success and ranked them as a 6 seed for this years national championship tournament (a little high in my opinion but I’ll take it!) playing the winner of one of the play-in games.

Who knows what tournament success or failure lies ahead but that is what makes this time of year so awesome. Even when my team loses, there is always a local team, an underdog or the year’s “Cinderella” that grasps the country’s attention and makes it hard to root against them. Since we are in Cincinnati, many of our folks live in Kentucky and the Wildcats prove their wide reach among many of our Ohio based people as well. It makes the office banter and challenges and trash talk more interesting when pitting the hopes of a small “bubble” team up against a behemoth like Kentucky. We would be remiss not to mention the other behemoth with a huge fan base in this neck of the woods, Ohio State. We cannot forget our loyal base of University of Cincinnati Bearcats, who have provided us with some stellar employees, though not much of a basketball team this year (I’m a Xavier fan, remember?). And with the late breaking news from last night’s winning Dayton Flyer team, we have some solid regional representation in the tourney year.

Wow, now that I think about it, we’ll be lucky to survive the next few weeks without a bit of office bloodshed. At the very least, a small skirmish is certain to happen ;-).

Here at EXAIR we have a great team too! From the production team all the way up to management, we understand that we need to remain focused on our main goal – to satisfy YOU, our customer! We are always striving to get better by developing new products, testing existing products or maintaining near perfect (99.9%) on-time shipments.

To put our team to work for you, give us a call!

And to all who may be distracted throughout these next four days – Good luck to your team as well!

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


Basketball hoop image courtesy of Steve Johnson. Creative Commons License

Professor Penurious: A Day In The Life Of The Co-Op

Our brave co-ops, from the University of Cincinnati, weather all of the usual tasks and exercises that we throw at them – then we throw them to the Professor. We recently had some complaints from our current co-op which led us to capture this hidden camera footage*.

  • No co-ops were harmed in the making of this video – it’s a joke people! This is not hidden camera footage, it’s just that amateur. 

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Today We Say Goodbye

Today is a sadhappy, well let’s just say it’s a day here at EXAIR.   It is back to school time throughout most of the country and sadly enough, it is the last day of our Co-Op’s final quarter semester as a Co-Op.


You may notice him from his star role in films such as, Escape To The Planet Of Professor Penurious, Will It Launch, Penurious 2012, What I Do, and The Professor “Raps”? I’m Speechless.   Yes, he is the first and only Co-Op here to get a face tattoo, for work purposes.   Needless to say the Co-Op program here at EXAIR is not the normal engineering Co-Op experience.

We like to think that we have given our Co-Op the experience of a lifetime.   The truth is, he has learned a good amount about compressed air and how to save it, mostly thanks to The Professor.  Below is Prof. Penurious in his casual Friday dress with the Co-Op and his trophy of things that didn’t make it through his time of use here at EXAIR.


We all wish him a great final year at the wonderful University of Cincinnati, along with a great future even after he graduates.  Hopefully for him it will be far away from the Professor.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Oh The Place You Will Go, And Are Going.

When I graduated from high school I had already planned on going to college just like my brother and sister had.  Seeing as how I was the youngest of three I had a good idea of what to do and what not to do.  My sister went to the University of Cincinnati and graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Science in Chemical Engineering.  (Needless to say she’s the smart one)  My brother went for several years and just couldn’t seem to find a program that suited him.  It didn’t work out between him and college but he makes a living and a decent one at that.  Neither one of my parents have more than a high school education but ensured that each of their children had the option and I am extremely grateful, and plan to do the same with my children.  For a graduation present  my parents didn’t get me a new car, or some extravagant TV or anything like that.  Instead they gave my a very nice wrist watch, and a copy of Dr. Seuss’ Oh The Places You’ll Go.  To an eighteen year old guy the book seemed a little odd and the watch was for nice occasions.  Needless to say I never really thought much about the meaning of the book.

Now that I’ve graduated from college and started a career and a family I look back to the book and realize the meaning my parents had intended for the “odd” present.  In case you’ve never read the book it essentially tells you that you can do anything you want and encourages you to live life to its fullest.  The book has more meaning than I ever thought when I first got it.   While reading this book to my daughter I really started to realize my parents were giving me a push to find what I want to do and make it happen.

Here at EXAIR we are encouraged to follow through with any ideas we may have. We’re also encouraged to never stop learning,  and they back it up through a tuition reimbursement program.  We’re encouraged and driven to stay up with all the latest technology from topics that involve compressed air to the latest social media and technology trends.  The way EXAIR has been structured by our founder, Roy Sweeney, is to grow the business and our products by growing the people who make it possible.  In the year and few months that I have been part of the EXAIR team I must say I have never felt so driven to constantly be improving.  As a company we have ventured into new product offerings including Atomizing Spray Nozzles which is something we have just released this year.  I went from being a person that had never even thought of writing a blog or using Twitter to someone who writes once a week and tweets about anything and everything everyday.  The fact that EXAIR is the leading manufacturer of Intelligent Compressed Air® Products makes me proud to be a part of the EXAIR team and also keeps me motivated to continue on the path I have created for myself.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer