Video Blog: How To Rebuild Pressure Regulators

Today’s video blog is a how-to on rebuilding EXAIR pressure regulators.   Regulators can wear out over time and extensive adjustment as well as if they are not used on a clean compressed air supply.  If you have any questions on an EXAIR product, please contact an Application Engineer.

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Brian Farno
Application Engineer Manager

Have A Dirty Super Air Knife Or Reversible Drum Vac?

             I get a fair number of calls from customers asking for model numbers that they ordered years ago and now the product is dirty or what they think is worn out and bad so they just want to know how they can clean it or get it back within operating specifications.   For instance if you have a Super Air Knife that looks like the one shown below we can let you know the proper ways to clean and inspect the knife to get it back to operating like new.  


            In some cases your facility may not be staffed or equipped properly to handle the cleaning and refurbish of a Super Air Knife or a Reversible Drum Vac for instance.  This is a service that we can provide to you here at EXAIR Corp.


            Take the Reversible Drum Vac  (RDV) that is shown above.   It was thought that this RDV was beyond repair.  The float could not even move because of all of the buildup.  The first step we took was to send the customer a PDF file we have on the process to clean a RDV.  One of the slides is shown below. 


             While this customer was not comfortable trying to return the product back to new, working condition we offered to have them send it to us for refurbish.  If you have a Reversible Drum Vac and are in need of cleaning please contact us, and we’ll get this slide show to you.

            This unit was in bad shape.  When we checked the flow rates on the RDV it was off the charts bad. After we refurbished the unit and replaced a single O-Ring, (also put new stickers on it to make it shine like new) the RDV worked just as good as a brand new unit.   It was sent back to the customer to be placed back into service instead of into a scrap bin.

            This is yet another way we are able to prove to you our customer that we want to do what is best for you.  We don’t want to just make a sale but build a relationship where we can not only help you get your application started up and running pristine, but also maintain that system and when it needs a little bit of work we’re here to offer our services.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer