New Beginnings

It’s been a big week for the Nicholl family as our 5 year old son started Kindergarten. On Monday night we had orientation where we learned all the new rules/policy changes for the upcoming year and he was able to meet his new teacher and classmates. He was a little nervous at first because there are 19 kids in this year’s Kindergarten class and last year in K-4 there were only 8. But his anxieties were relieved relatively quickly as 4 of his previous classmates were in this year’s class, including his “best bud”. To make things even “more awesomer” (he is only 5), they were all going to be able to sit together – which I kindly advised his new teacher that she may want to reconsider this choice. Five little buddies all sitting together? That may not be the easiest situation to handle! – HAHA.


Wednesday was the big first day so of course it was an event – Mommy, Daddy, Nana and Maw Maw were all there to welcome him to, as he refers to it, “big boy school”. He went straight in to the room, took out his snack then went out in the hallway to hang up his book bag in his locker. Locker? I didn’t have a locker in Kindergarten! That’s when my little guy reminded me – “Dada, this is big boy school, of course I have a locker now!” He then said his goodbyes to us, walked right back in to the room, sat down at his desk and started going through his new supply box. We all left happy and were relieved that he was so excited to start this new chapter in his life. As his father, it is a little bittersweet watching our little man grow up so fast but it is “awesomer” to see him also expand his learning.

At EXAIR we are always striving to grow and expand too. We recently released our new Catalog # 27 which includes some of our exciting new Intelligent Compressed Air Product additions:

One-piece construction Super Air Knives from 3” – 108” – available in Aluminum, 303 and 316 Stainless Steel, and PVDF (PVDF up to 54″) construction.

Internal Mix Deflected Flat Fan Pattern Atomizing Nozzle – designed for tight spaces with spray pattern at a right angle to the nozzle orientation

Internal Mix 360° Hollow Circular Pattern Atomizing Nozzle – designed so the spray pattern is directed away from the nozzle in all directions

No Drip Internal Mix Deflected Flat Fan and Internal Mix 360° Hollow Circular Atomizing Nozzles – the same features as above but also provide the stopping of liquid flow when compressed air is turned off

High Lift Reversible Drum Vac System – with its high powered vacuum, this system is able to vacuum liquids up to 15’. Available in 30, 55 and 110 Gallon

110 Gallon Heavy Duty HEPA Vac – meeting all the HEPA requirements but now available in 110 Gallon capacity

Catalog 27

To discuss how these new products may work with your process(es) or any of our other products may benefit your current system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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