Great Team Make-up

Last June I wrote a blog titled Teamwork, where my oldest son was just finishing up his first season of tee ball. While he picked up the game pretty quick, much to our surprise, he decided not to play baseball this summer and instead wanted us to sign him up to play pee wee football later in the year.

Are you ready for some football? I certainly am!

A couple weeks ago he was fitted for his football uniform and we got to meet some of the other kids that would be on his team. Turns out one of his teammate’s dad is actually a close friend of mine who was approached about being the head coach for the upcoming season and asked if I would be willing to be an assistant. Now, my brother and I have coached my son’s basketball teams over the last 2 winters so I am somewhat familiar in dealing with 5 – 7 year olds  (our largest roster had 9 kids) and getting them to focus on anything, much less learn the basic fundamentals of a sport.

When our team roster was emailed to us the first thing that stood out to me was that we have 24 kids on the team! What we were thinking? There is ZERO chance that just the 2 of us could handle this group so we started recruiting other assistant coaches. We wanted people we knew had either played the game or at least knew the game and had some previous coaching experience. I personally reached out to my brother who happened to be an all-league defensive lineman and his friend who was the star receiver on their high school teams. In my day, I played running back and linebacker and the head coach played offense and special teams so we were pretty well covered from a coaching standpoint. The real test comes in July when practice starts!

This got me thinking about the Application Engineering team we have assembled here at EXAIR. We can pull information from our diverse backgrounds in industrial pumps, automation, machine tool, gas regulators, power transmission and other industrial products. It is very much a team effort here – if one of us doesn’t know, we ask. If we need to do more research, we will do that too and get back to you. Whatever it takes to provide the best possible solution for your compressed air applications.

To put our team to work for you, give us a call.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


10 20 30 / Whatever image courtesy of Giovanni Arteaga, Creative Commons License

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