Going To The County Fair

My thoughts this week are full of flashing neon lights, calliope music, carnival games, food you wouldn’t think should be deep fried (but is, and it’s awesome,) 4H exhibits, and thrill rides. This of course, means the county fair starts this weekend.

County Fair

I grew up just a few miles from the fairgrounds, so I gained an appreciation for all things fair-related at an early age. That’s why I was particularly excited about the opportunity to help a new client specify a Cabinet Cooler System a while back.

EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems are very popular for keeping sensitive electronic/electrical components and controls cool & dry in “less-than-optimal” environments…which was the case for this client, who designs and builds thrill rides, and whose customer for this new ride has a traveling carnival, operating primarily in the southwest United States. The high ambient heat and prevalence of sand & dust, not to mention the regular teardown, transport & setup, meant that vent fans just weren’t going to get the job done. The ride operators have enough to do getting everything operational on a tight schedule, meaning that a refrigerant-type cooler – and associated maintenance – wasn’t going to work either.

Then the designer and I reached a critical point in the conversation: EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems require a ready supply of compressed air…something that isn’t always easy to come by when the equipment to be cooled is as mobile as this. Good news was, the ride has pneumatically actuated motion control, so they had an on-board compressor, and could simply tap into that.

4608The calculated heat load was just under 400 BTU/hr, so I specified our Model 4808-24VDC NEMA 4 Cabinet Cooler System – 550 BTU/hr – w/Thermostat Control (24VDC). To date, it’s worked perfectly, and they’ve ordered two more, since they intend to make the Cabinet Cooler System an integral part of this equipment…a win-win-win: for us, them, and their clients.

At EXAIR, we take a great amount of pride in being a premier solutions provider for your compressed air product needs, whether it’s an application in your plant, or for OEM equipment that you’re building. We want you – and your clients – to get the most out of their compressed air usage. Give us a call and find out how an EXAIR Intelligent Compressed Air Product can help you do just that.

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Image from Anita Ritenour. Creative Commons

As Seen At The County Fair

Have you ever been in a public place and noticed one of your company’s products in full view of everyone passing by? Those of you who work for car manufacturers, soda bottlers, or snack food makers (like my three friends that I had this conversation with recently do) may not think it’s a big deal (my friends indeed didn’t), so you’ll have to forgive those of us who work mainly in industrial or commercial markets when we get excited to see something that came from The Shop, while we’re walking around the County Fair.

Years ago, I worked for an industrial weighing equipment company. Every year, we were asked to provide a scale for the County Auditor’s booth at the fair – people could step on this scale, and get their weight automatically printed out on one of the Auditor’s business cards. It was a neat little setup, and my friends who recognized that it came from my employer would all crack wise about how obviously inaccurate this scale was. Since I was the one who calibrated the scale, using test weights that I was responsible for having certified by the state, I knew that the numbers on those printed cards said a lot more about the availability of deep fried candy bars on the midway, than the intrinsic accuracy of our precision instrument.

When I go to the fair this summer (and I will, and not just for the deep fried candy bars), I’m certain it’ll be hot that day…which means I’ll have my eye out for the cooling stations that are always set up along the midway, providing a fine mist of cooling water. In addition to a brief respite from the summer heat, I’ll also be looking for EXAIR Atomizing Spray Nozzles, as this would be an ideal application for our External Mix Atomizing Spray Nozzles. They provide independent control of the liquid flow rate – which will be determined solely by the liquid supply pressure – and the air used to atomize the spray: varying the air pressure won’t affect the amount of liquid; only the size/shape of the flow pattern.

Depending on what you need to spray, how much (or little) of it you need to disperse, and over what kind of area, we also have highly efficient Internal Mix designs, and, if your liquid isn’t able to be pressurized, we have Siphon Fed Spray Nozzles as well.  We recently added No Drip options to all models as well, to conserve expensive solutions, and/or to prevent inadvertent stains, runs, etc.

They’re all available in a variety of narrow and wide angle, round and flat fan patterns. For more information, feel free to give us a call.

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You Could Raise Chickens, but Consider a Smaller Project First

My three kids took on 4H projects for the first time this year. Of course, they thought they should immediately jump into raising chickens (in our very suburban surrounding). Their mother and I thought it would be better to take on smaller projects while we learn more about how 4H works and what is expected from the kids participating in projects.

We are currently displaying model rocket, cake decorating and photography projects in the 4H exhibit hall at the county fair. Each of my kids learned some good lessons during the process, but it was not always an easy process. They received their projects books late in the game and were pressed for time. The perfectionist of the bunch struggled with the realization that the project may not be 100% complete. There are some sophisticated elements to these projects considering an 8, 10 and 12 year old; interview a professor or scientist, organize a visit to the bakery with your 4H group, detail your supplies cost and develop a budget for the project etc.

They each had interviews about their projects in front of a judge, which stressed out the introvert of the bunch. And can you believe they even took into account their appearance – talk about stressors for a kid who prefers bed-head over a comb!

Two of the three did not complete their projects (including the perfectionist) but stepped up and presented their projects, did their interviews and placed their items on display. They received their grades and all came away knowing they were treated fairly and had made it through the whole process. Next year they will understand what is expected of them, what kind of pace they will need to implement, and what the winning projects had that theirs did not. It’s all part of the curve.

Consider taking on a project of your own, save your plant some compressed air. EXAIR understands you may not know everything about the process, so rely on us for some direction about the best product choices and implementation.  And recognize you don’t have to save the entire plant some compressed air (as compared to raising chickens before a small project), you can start with one application, one leg of the compressed air system, or one open blowoff. At the end of the day you will know more about how to save compressed air – that’s the whole point.

For your next compressed air savings project you will know better what to expect, what kind of process you will need to go through and  what is available to you in order to save that air. It is a process worth starting because  you’ll know more in the end, more about less compressed air that is.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer