A Unique Application For An Air Knife? – Our Custom Solutions Have You Covered

The EXAIR Super Air Knife is the best compressed air operated blow off product ever made. That’s a bold statement, but we can stand behind it:

*They’re the quietest and most efficient on the market. We’ve tested them rigorously, and have verified data from actual users who have replaced competitors’ product with them.
*They come in (16) sizes, from 3 inches to 9 feet in length.  And they can be coupled together for even greater lengths.
*We make them in different materials:

  • Durable, lightweight aluminum for a variety of general purpose applications
  • Type 303 Stainless Steel for environments subject to chemically corrosive elements; also good for temperatures to 800F (427C)
  • Type 316 Stainless Steel for even higher corrosion resistance and strength. Ideal for food, pharmaceutical and surgical product applications.
  • PVDF (with PTFE shims & Hastelloy hardware) for the most aggressive environments: electroplating, solar cell manufacturing, lithium ion batters, caustics, brines, etc.

*We have them in inventory, ready to ship quickly. All of them.

As the title intimates, calls regarding “unique applications” are fairly common, and the Super Air Knife provides a great solution to many of them.  Consider these situations:

*A machine builder had to fit an air knife in a 43″ channel.  We had it covered: we made them a custom (non-stock) 43″ 303SS Super Air Knife and shipped it in three days.
*A user needed 15″ (and only 15″) of air flow.  A Model 110018 18″ Aluminum Super Air Knife, off the shelf, would provide an “overflow” which would disturb product in the vicinity of the blow off.  We had it covered…a custom shim can be made to provide 15″ (and only 15″) of air flow out of an 18″ Super Air Knife.  It only takes a couple of days to get the special shim. We can make shims to center the airflow, keep it all on one side of the knife, have it come out two separate areas etc.

We’ve also made a variety of special Air Knives, when more than just length is a consideration.  So, even if your application is “Unique” (with a capital “U”,) it’s very likely that we still have you Covered (with a capital “C”.)  If you don’t believe me, give us a call.  We’ve got you covered.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Super Air Knife Fits Like A Glove

Super Air Knives in blow off application
Super Air Knives in blow off application

Our Air Knives (all styles – Super, Standard, and Full Flow) have long-been a go-to favorite for blow off applications.  The concentrated, laminar airflow provides a powerful blow off with minimal compressed air use.  And, our knives are quiet, easy to install, and ready to ship from stock.

Notice the cutout on the plexiglass and conveyor rails for the Super Air Knives
Notice the cutout on the plexiglass and conveyor rails for the Super Air Knives


Product moving through the blow off area
Product moving through the blow off area

So, when a customer sent me the photos above showing our 12” Aluminum Super Air Knife (model 110012) performing a blow off function in their application, it was a “normal” sight to see.  But, the way these knives are integrated into the application is a little different than most apps.  Usually the knives are installed in a similar fashion, but without an enclosed blow off area, and without the specially machined cutouts to accommodate the installation angle of the knives.

These specifics are great to see, albeit that there may be some lower level of entrainment with this setup.  Nevertheless, even at possible non-optimal performance, these knives are performing flawlessly.  The only need from the end user was to get more knives for a new conveyor line.

Custom setup isn’t a requirement for our products; in fact, most applications require little specialized installation.  And, to assist with getting our Air Knives articulated to the exact location necessary, we have our Universal Air Knife Mounting System.  The Universal Air Knife Mounting System will allow installation at any angle at extensions up to 30″.

If you have an application you’d like to discuss, whether a custom setup or using off-the-shelf products, we’re always here to help.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer