Professor Penurious Rides Away

They say all good things must come to an end, and in this case, questionable things must come to an end.  Please join us in wishing Professor Penurious (Dan Preston) well as he starts the next chapter of his life story. Dan has been with EXAIR for 10 years and has managed our engineering department for just as long. Beyond the innumerable tasks required of him through engineering, he readily provides our whole workplace support, insight, integrity, work ethic and humor – just to name a few. We will miss him and his willingness to provide the part of Professor Penurious.

CLICK HERE and watch no fewer than 17 other Professor videos for your entertainment!

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Passing of the Torch

I never realize how far reaching social media really is. When I announced my retirement I was overwhelmed by so many responses from my twitter followers. I try to post funny stuff as well an informational content. Sometimes I get a response to them and sometimes I don’t. What I did not realize is how many people are reading them but do not respond. My retirement announcement really drew them out of the woodwork. I am humbled and truly appreciative of the camaraderie we developed through cyberspace.

I am sure that the rest of our team @EXAIR_RB @EXAIR_DW @EXAIR_BF @EXAIR_KE @EXAIR_LE @EXAIR_NR  @EXAIR_DP  all will be as entertaining and informative so I would recommend that you follow them as I ride off into the sunset. If you like funny videos then follow @profpenurious and watch his videos on YouTube. Click here for a sample starring yours truly.

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Application Engineer
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Professor Penurious Reads His Fan (and Other) Mail

Will the Professor read YOUR letter?  You’ll just have to watch and find out!

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer