Continuous Improvement

I’m sure I have blogged about similar topics before but I’m going ahead with this anyway.   Have you ever bought something and after using it a few times say to yourself, I really wish they would have done this or I wish this had this feature.  I do that quite often, more often that my wife really cares for.  Normally it ends up with me being in the garage or the basement working on whatever it is for several hours and possibly even breaking whatever it was I was working on.  Well, I don’t just do that at home.

Two of our newest Industrial Housekeeping products were created from our own employees using them and seeing something that could make it better.   The easiest to see this with is our Chip Trapper System.


Our Reversible Drum Vac Systems were around for a couple decades when someone decided to figure out a (patented) way to filter all the chips and solids out of the coolant we were processing.  So now, instead of just sucking the coolant out, we are able to filter the coolant and reuse it up to four times longer in our machines.

It is continuous improvements and being willing to listen to recommendations that make things like the Chip Trapper possible.  If you have one of our products and see a better idea, feel free to let us know, it may even be something that we could do on a custom basis for you.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Super Ion Air Knife Cleans Product Exiting Cutting Application

Yesterday, I had a customer call in to discuss his application regarding chip and debris removal from his product. The customer described his process of cutting lenses for light fixtures that their company manufactures. While he was explaining the application and the problem, I was building a picture of it in my mind.  To help in the understanding the customer e-mailed me a photo of the application so I could really see the mess he was trying to deal with.

Once I saw the photo, I could see that my understanding was off just a little concerning the automatic nature of the cutting machine. Instead of having an operator pulling the cut lenses off the machine and blow them down, he wanted the lenses to come out already cut and blown free of static, debris and dust.

Once I saw the photo above, I could see that the flat nature of the target product was a perfect fit for the Super Ion Air Knife Kit model 111218. That unit fit the customer’s machine guard just right in order to accommodate the various widths of material that he processed through the cutting function. He set the Super Ion Air Knife up to blow down at a 45° angle opposite the travel of the material. In effect, he was blowing back toward the saw blade which had a vacuum system attached. Not only was the material able to exit cleaned, but it kept the processing area cleaner as well as the chips and other debris were deflected back to where the vacuum system could pull them in.

The customer’s improvement in productivity actually doubled as an aid in their housekeeping within the processing area.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer