How To Plumb and Use EXAIR Model 9040 Foot Valve

If you’re looking for a convenient, hands-free (but still operator controlled) method of operating a compressed air product, look no further than the EXAIR Model 9040 Foot Valve. Here’s how to install and operate it:

This is one of many ways we can help you optimize, automate, and simplify your use of your compressed air.  If you’ve got an application you’d like assistance with, give me a call.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Step on It – Improve Cycle Times by Using Your Foot

I visited a manufacturing plant that made die-cast components for an automotive company. One of the operations was to deburr an outer edge of the part with excess flashing formed.  The component is in a visible area to customers, and for cosmetic reasons, the flash had to be removed.  I listed the steps of the operation below:

  1. Grab metal part from bin and place part onto fixture.
  2. With both hands, hit dual operational buttons. (4 seconds)
  3. A cylinder would come down and pinch the edge of the flashing, removing it.
  4. Release buttons to retract the cylinder. (10 seconds)
  5. Inspect the part and place into finished bin. (3 seconds)
  6. With a compressed air gun, clean trimmed flash and debris from sharp edge of fixture (3 seconds)
  7. Repeat operation.

The complete operation took 20 seconds, and in an 8 hour shift, they could deburr 1,440 pieces a day.

1910 Blowoff Station
1910 Blowoff Station

My suggestion was to use our model 1910 Instant Blowoff Station. This Blowoff Station comes complete with a model 1100 Super Air Nozzle, a 12” Stay Set Hose, a Magnetic Base, a foot pedal valve, and two 10 feet (3 meters) compressed air lines.  EXAIR Blowoff Kits can be customized to suit your application. You may choose different nozzles, a single or dual port Magnetic Base, and different lengths of Stay Set Hoses.  It gives you the flexibility to match our products to your application.

In manufacturing, little processes like trimming, deburring, coloring, etc. for cosmetic reasons adds additional time and cost to the parts. Even though these steps can be quick, it can still add up to be significant time within the process flow.  By installing the EXAIR Blowoff Station, this manufacturer could combine two steps in the operation.  During the inspection of the part, the operator was able to press the foot pedal to blow off the sharp edge on the fixture. With the strong Magnetic Base and Stay Set Hose holding the nozzle at the correct location, it made this a hands-free operation.  They were able to save 3 seconds on each part.  It doesn’t seem like much time, but throughout a day, they were able to increase productivity by 17.6% (or it saved 17.6% on labor for a cosmetic procedure).

When it comes to removing debris, EXAIR has a great range of products. We can do it very efficiently, quietly, effectively, and even hands-free.  If you have any issues with added cost caused by visual defects, you can discuss your applications with one of our Application Engineers.

John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb