Compressed Air Uses In Industry

From pneumatic hand tools like impact wrenches or nail guns to larger scale industrial applications like stamping presses, the use of compressed air can be found in almost any industry. In fact, it is often referred to as a “fourth utility” next to water, gas and electric.

Compressed air is used in virtually every industry!


Take for example in construction, workers will use a pneumatic riveter to join steel framing because of the power generated by the tool over an electrically powered device, not to mention it provides for a safer operation by removing an electrical hazard. Many companies use compressed air operated diaphragm pumps or air motor driven pumps to move expensive or viscous liquid from one location to another. These types of pumps are self priming drawing the liquid in and provide positive displacement meaning they fill and empty the liquid chamber with the same amount of liquid through a common inlet and outlet.

Amusement parks have used compressed air in some capacity in the operation of thrill rides like roller coasters or to enhance the effect of certain attractions. Compressed air can be found in hospitals where it is used for specialized breathing treatments or to power surgical instruments in an operating room. Educational facilities use compressed air for laboratory testing. You can even find compressed air in the tires on your car. Basically, when you think about it, compressed air is being used just about anywhere.

Here at EXAIR, we manufacture Intelligent Compressed Air Products to help improve the efficiency in a wide variety of industrial operations. Whether you are looking to coat a surface with an atomized mist of liquid, conserve compressed air use and energy, cool an electrical enclosure, convey parts or dry material from one location to another or clean a conveyor belt or web, chances are we have a product that will fit your specific need.

EXAIR has been providing engineered solutions since 1983.


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Compressed Air Valves image courtesy of Shane Gorski via creative commons license.

American Machine Tools – Yesterday and Today

Early Bullard Machine

I just came back from the IMTS show where I saw lots of machine tools and new innovations. Having been in the industry for 40 years, I could not help but think of all the company names that I was familiar with over the years that are no longer the stars of the show. Names like Blanchard, Bliss, Bullard, Le Blonde, Kearney & Trecker, Acme Gridley have been become more or less memories of Americana.What is most interesting to me is the history of these companies and their founders. Do a little research on the internet and you will find their founders were innovators and entrepreneurs who gave birth to the term “Yankee Ingenuity” The machine tool industry is what propelled the American economy. And with unfettered freedom to pursue and develop an idea, America became the world’s leading economy.

Some companies may have come and gone, but American exceptionalism still persists despite all the social and political discourse. This was quite evident from all the exhibits at the show. I witnessed vision systems that control the process to perfection, tool bits of exotic materials improving machinability, laser cutters capable of cutting the shell of an egg without breaking it. It was obvious to me, that with american ingenuity, what were challenges are now opportunities.

Modern Bullard Machine

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