The Worst…Except For All The Others

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”–Winston Churchill

With all the current talk about the debt ceiling negotiations, it might be comforting to remember this famous British politician’s words. While a bit cynical, and certainly politically aimed, it’s also a potent reminder that most everything needs to be evaluated in terms of pros and cons, benefits and costs…the “give and take” that is readily apparent in government dealings, household decisions, even (maybe especially?) plant operations.

It’s my pleasure, as an Application Engineer, to be responsible for touting the payoffs associated with the use of EXAIR’s line of Intelligent Compressed Air® Products. The corollary to that responsibility, though, lies in ensuring you know the costs associated with our products’ use.

Do you know how much your compressed air costs? Neal Raker wrote a great blog on it earlier this week. We’re right in the middle of a hot summer season, and true to form, we’re getting calls from all over about EXAIR’s Cabinet Cooler Systems. Some callers are concerned (and rightly so) about the amount of compressed air required to operate a Cabinet Cooler System. We’d be remiss if we failed to make this cost known  but prudence also dictates a close look at the big picture:

We have similar comparisons on our website, detailing the cost savings associated with use of EXAIR engineered products such as Super Air Knives and Super Air Nozzles. We’ve got calculators for your convenience, to help you determine potential savings. We’ve got a comprehensive Applications Knowledge Base available for you to search as well. And, as always, EXAIR’s Applications Engineers are ready to help you find the solution to your application – just please don’t call it the worst one, except for all the others!

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