I’m a geek and I know it.

More than once since I have known my wife she has given me a look as if to say, I can’t believe I know someone as geeky as you.  (Ok, maybe it’s been too many times to count.)  Last week I was able to get comic books into my blog, I’m pretty sure I have mentioned video games, and even building computers.  While I don’t consider myself as big of a geek as some of my friends are, the fact is I am a geek.

I am ok with this and I am sure once my daughter is at the right age she will not be ok with it.  The fact is that technology, and engineering catch my interest.  I can read a tech manual for my motorcycle a lot faster and with more enjoyment than I can any fictional novel.  This is also one of the many reasons I became an engineer.

This is yet another reason why I enjoy my job here at EXAIR so much, I’m constantly learning from our customers how their products and processes are done so that I can help them better their process.  This always intrigues me because not only are the customers learning from me how to implement the EXAIR product lines but at the same time I am learning new processes and how things are made so that I can then help other customers in the future with similar applications.

It’s an infinite loop of learning for me here at EXAIR.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Update: Mud Run

I posted a blog on the 2nd about an upcoming mud-run here in Cincinnati.  (Take a look at the pic  above for a glimpse of the filth and fun!)  I spent some time beforehand on proper preparation and it paid off.  My ultimate goal was to have the best time amongst my team, and I got off to a nice lead.  Not surprisingly, there were a few bottlenecks at the more difficult obstacles.  Seeing an opportunity, a few of my teammates snuck past the obstacle and line jumped me!  It was all in good fun, but I never could quite catch up.

My secondary goal, however, was to have a better time than my brother-in-law, which I’m pleased to say was achieved.  Its always great to set a goal and even better when you meet it.  We often tout the efficiency of EXAIR products and the exceptional service provided by the entire staff.  These are just two of the tools used to help our clients meet their goals.

Have a goal or application related need?  Give us a call.  If your application is in muddy water, we’ll jump in with you.  Literally!

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

I’ve Told You A Million Times Not To Exaggerate!

It’s no secret that “embellishment” is a valid and powerful component of effective communication. My wife uses it often to get the family to where we’re going on time. In fact, I already know she’s going to use it this coming Monday. Grandpa Harry’s Labor Day cookout will begin at 1pm, but she’s going to tell me and the boys that it starts at 12:30. Then, promptly at 11:30am, she’s going to frantically inform us that it’s “almost noon” and we need to hurry. I’m glad she does this…otherwise, we’d never make our usual 1:15 arrival.

I got an email from a customer the other day, with an extremely positive report on the results of a new Line Vac application. They were using buckets to hand load steel shot from 55 gallon drums into a hopper. The closest they could get the barrels to the hopper was about 5 feet, so this made for a tedious manual operation. EXAIR’s 2” Heavy Duty Line Vac proved to be an ideal solution: my customer commented that people from other departments were so impressed, that he was going to have to put a chain on his Line Vac to keep them from running off with it. It’s always nice to get positive feedback from a successful application, but that one really made my day.

The hyperbole didn’t stop there, though…how could I allow that to happen? In thanking him for taking the time to share the good news, I told him that I would consider adding “anti-theft devices” to our next discussion of additional accessories to our product line. Then, I shared his comment with my co-workers. Then the speed of the hyperbole increased…well, hyperbolically: Joe pointed out that the Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac would be harder to steal. Brian suggested that if it was painted pink, it might deter a would-be thief.  And the hits kept coming.

I’ll close now, because I feel I’ve made my point about exaggeration and hyperbole. But I could go on forever about it.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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New Pico Super Air Nozzles Quiet Application and Reduce Air Noise

At EXAIR, we talk a lot about applications, product benefits, energy savings and solving customer problems. This time, I would like to do the same thing, but with a slightly different twist. I have been working with a customer recently who was looking for a solution to his air consumption and noise issues. He has a shop with a smaller compressor. His existing blow guns and lubricating system were pushing his shop’s energy use up quite a bit. The customer replied to our initial inquiry after he visited our web site. You can catch the full story with photos and videos at their web page ATDMS

A big thank you to Mr. Quiles and ATDMS for putting together the review of the EXAIR Pico Super Air Nozzles and the Precision Safety Air Gun!

Neal Raker

Don’t Get the Cart Before the Horse

I’ve recently taken up a new hobby – competitive shooting. As with all hobbies it involves $$$. Ammunition is especially expensive. To become competitive requires trigger time and many rounds of ammo. So I got the bright idea of reloading my own. I purchased all the equipment to mold and reload them, then I came to a major roadblock…availablity of lead to melt down.

When I was a kid, I molded fishing sinkers. Service stations were more than glad the give me their old wheel weights. Things have changed since I was a kid. Due to government regulations they have to document them as hazardous waste. Even the scrap yards are reluctant to sell to me. So the moral of the story is to think a project through to its end before executing.

The same moral applies to manufacturing. I am sure some of you have experienced getting a new piece of equipment only to find out that it drained your compressed air system. Someone did not think the project through to its end before committing. Now you are stuck with a piece of capital equipment that you have to find a way to use without shutting down the rest of the plant.

There is an option to consider before buying a new compressor for added capacity.  Installing EXAIR engineered nozzles throughout the plant to reduce wasteful air consumption. These have been proven to dramatically reduce demand on your compressor system.

As an example, an engine plant needed to reduce air consumption on their transfer lines. They acquired a new line from a sister plant and they ran out of air. They replaced all their open pipe and conventional nozzles with EXAIR engineered nozzles. With the newly acquired capacity, they not only were able to run the additional line, but were able to shut down a 100 horsepower air compressor.

EXAIR would like to help you save compressed air too. Give one of our application engineers a call 1-800-903-9247.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer
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Super Heroes and the Crew at EXAIR

Growing up I think nearly every child has a Super Hero that they believe is the best.  All through growing up my number one Super Hero was Spiderman.  The close second was Cyclops from the X-Men.  For most the Super Hero is about being able to help others while still having a normal life.  It’s about being able to find balance and let’s not forget about the super powers.

For me the Spiderman Comic series was one with best message to its readers’.  This is because Peter Parker didn’t live a lavish lifestyle, he was a geek that just happened to encounter serious of unfortunate / fortunate events.  He always had the same message to not stoop to the levels of evil and to also help those in need.

For the most part I am pretty sure none of us here at EXAIR have super powers.  We do however do our best to help people that may be in trouble every day that we are here.  This can in fact some times even save you from getting into a sticky situation.  Imagine this – the dastardly OSHA inspector (dastardly for illustrative purposes only) has pointed out a safety violation (that actually sounds rather helpful) in the good citizens plant in the form of an open pipe blow off. EXAIR saves the day (and the OSHA fine) by outfitting the open blow off with one of our Super Air Nozzles (wow, we even have an appropriate superhero-ish product name) which can’t be dead ended thus stifling the OSHA inspectors power and increasing safety for the model citizen. In true comic book form we should go on to say that the entire population of that comic book town rests easier and the children are clearly happier as illustrated in a colorful, sunshiny last page…

The point is we’re here to help, so feel free to contact us about your compressed air application.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Oil Palm Fruits

The photo above shows African oil palm fruits.  These fruits are high in oil content and are processed to create a cooking oil in used frequently in Southeast Asia and around the tropical belt in Africa.  Recently, a palm oil producer came to me for advice about how to clean and dry these fruits as they passed along a processing line.

Not knowing much about the fruits, I did a bit of research to discover that their harvest and use is not only common, but growing.  The palm oil extracted from these fruits contains more saturated fats than canola, corn, linseed, or soybean oil.  This high content of saturated fats means that the oil can withstand extreme heat (when used in deep-frying applications) and resists oxidation.  These features, coupled with cheaper prices, has led to an increased demand for palm oil.

The end use in this application was both to clean and dry any residue on the oil palm fruits.  After receiving a sketch of the design from the operations manager, I recommended the use of our Super Air Knives.  We came to a conclusion to use the design in the sketch below.

The Super Air Knives will be installed to create an arch over the oil palm fruits.  Using dimensional values supplied by the customer I “trigged” out the angles using various Super Air Knife lengths, and determined the 12″ to be the best fit.  This length created a 57 degree angle from horizontal and left just enough room for a 36″ Super Air Knife across the top.  See the sketch below for a visual representation.

As we typically do, I recommended that the Air Knives are installed so that the air flow exiting the knife will contact the material at an approximate 45° angle of attack.  The debris from the fruits is to be given a collection system housed under the chain conveyor.  Pretty nice system!

Exchanging sketches and building solution systems around ideas is what we do best.  If you need help with a solution, give us a call.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer