How Dry Is Dry?

We get asked this question every now and then, in regard to applications where a user wants to blow off:

*A finished part prior to packaging. Nobody wants to get something in a wet box…it reminds me of stories about people giving kittens or puppies as gifts. Don’t do that to a poor little animal!

*A bottle whose surface can’t be wet, or the label won’t stick

*Pizza dough, so it doesn’t stick to the rolls used to flatten it (this is straight out of our Application Database, which you can get full access to, if you’re a registered user on our website)

These are just a few situations where EXAIR products are successfully used to remove moisture from a product’s surface. But the question remains: How “dry” is “dry”? Let’s consider the methods available:

-Heat: Think about how fast your clothes dryer works, as opposed to the clothesline. Especially in December. You can get just about anything 100% “dry” if you apply enough heat for a long enough period of time. Thing is, heating elements need a LOT of energy…while you’re thinking about how fast your dryer works, think about your electric bill.

-Time: Now we’re talking about the clothesline. This is absolutely the most cost-effective method, provided you have the time.

-Towel drying: Moving on from the laundry room to the kitchen, we also move to the analogy of one of my least favorite activities: drying the dishes. Not only is it labor- and time-intensive, you can’t use the same towel for long…and now we’re back to the laundry room…

-Blowing off: This is where EXAIR comes in. Our Air Knives, Air Amplifiers, Air Nozzles & Jets, and Air Wipes are all designed specifically to maximize air flow, volume, and velocity, while minimizing compressed air consumption. The laminar flow produced is ideal to “strip” away moisture from the surface.

So, how “dry” is “dry”? I still don’t know, but if you have an application you’d like to discuss, give an EXAIR Application Engineer a call – we’re eager to help!

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