Customized for Your Process: Special Pneumatic Conveyors

For many, material conveyance is a necessary factor in their manufacturing and processing procedures. Much of the time our large array of different Line Vacs (air operated conveyors) can suit a large array of different conveying applications; but sometimes the stock item is just not the right fit for a specific application. Fortunately, since we manufacture everything here in Cincinnati, OH we have the flexibility to provide custom products throughout all of our 16 product lines. The Line Vac product line, even as large as it is, is a pretty common product for us to customize and manufacture. The following are a few examples of special Line Vacs that we have made in the past.

Liner Vacs connect to a hose, tube or pipe to create a powerful inline conveyor, powered by compressed air.

The Special Mini Line Vac:

This special was designed with barbed fittings for easier installation for a manufacturer of integrated circuit chips. It was used to remove microscopic debris. The small body and high vacuum flow made it a perfect fit for the confined working space.

Special Mini Line Vac

The PVDF Line Vac:

This 1 ½” flanged Line Vac was designed using PVDF to provide a superior chemical resistance. In this case the unit was going to be exposed to a chloride wash which will corrode all versions of steel including stainless steel. The QF Flanges were also added to provide easy disassembly when the Line Vac was scheduled for cleaning.

Special Flanged PVDF Line Vac

The Special Flanged Line Vac:

This next special Line Vac was used to convey a measured granulated material into a pouch. The funnel side was loaded with the pre-measured material and pushed into a mesh pouch when the air was activated.

Special Flanged Line Vac

Special Flanged Refumigation Line Vac:

This flanged Line Vac was used to retrofit existing machinery to remove acidic vapors resulting from surface etching of a silicon wafer. Where this would typically be a nice fit for a Stainless Steel Air Amplifier, the existing exhaust piping was lengthy with many bends that would have caused back pressure on any Air Amplifiers. In this case, they needed the additional force from the Line Vac to overcome this downstream resistance.

Special Flanged Line Vac

As you can see there isn’t much that we can’t do for you. The sky is the limit when it comes to thinking up of a custom-made solution for your application. Our Application Engineers are just the right folks to work with when considering a custom solution for your process. They have seen and heard many requests and past success stories, which can aid with any future solutions you may need. Whether it is for a blow off application using air knives, cooling application using vortex tubes, or of course conveyance application using a Line Vac.

If you have questions about our custom made Line Vac solutions or any of our engineered Intelligent Compressed Air® Products, feel free to contact EXAIR or any Application Engineer.

Cody Biehle
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation
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PVDF Super Air Knife

EXAIR has become well known for solving problems in industrial applications. Many times, the end users of our products contact us directly for application assistance, technical specifications, drawings, and installation tips. But, we also spend considerable time meeting the needs of OEM clients as well.

I worked alongside a new OEM customer recently, discussing options for an EXAIR solution in their prototype. In this case, the OEM needed an air knife suitable for use in a chemical wash down environment, so we discussed our PVDF Super Air Knives. They were unsure about the technical specs (compressed air use, suitable operating pressure, output force and air volume) and needed to sort through those issues, but they were completely blown away when I told them we had the products in stock.

And, not only were they in stock, but we could work with their delivery schedule to ensure the products they needed were ready on time. When the discussion moved into a potential need for custom length PVDF Super Air Knives, they were again blown away that we can deliver custom products in a relatively short time frame. (It pays to be the manufacturer of your own products!)

Many OEMs, when sourcing products for their equipment, encounter never ending barriers to completing a project. At EXAIR, we make it a point to have repeatable, dependable products ready to ship on time, and to make the process of doing business as easy as possible for end users and OEMs alike.

Having all cataloged products in stock, matching the needs of the OEM with our internal production schedule, and flexibility in product design are just a few of the benefits EXAIR offers new and existing OEM customers. If you have a project or design that is in need of an EXAIR solution, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer