Have It Your Way

Back in the 1970’s, Burger King and McDonald’s were competing fiercely in relentless TV commercial campaigns to convince viewers that the Whopper, or the Big Mac, respectively, was indeed America’s favorite burger (full disclosure: I rate them both pretty high, and, 30-some-odd years on, either could be my favorite on any given day.) McDonald’s hit commercial jingle gold with the not-rhyming-but-still-curiously-easy-to-remember:

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

You’re singing it in your head right now, aren’t you? Unless you’re just too young, in which case you’ll want to watch this:

Burger King countered with a grand musical epic, titled “Have It Your Way.” Because not everyone likes pickles and/or onions. Some people even like tomatoes on their burger. Other traditionalists shunned “special sauce” in favor of good old mayonnaise.

Turns out, both campaigns must have been fairly successful, because in most places, if you see a Burger King sign, you know the Golden Arches aren’t too far away. And I suspect that’s OK with both of them.

As much as I like lunch, I find myself wondering about choices during the daylight hours that surround the mid-day meal break too. A quick look at EXAIR’s catalog shows 164 pages of choices for compressed air products – if you want to blow, cool, dry, clean, convey, coat, or remove static from it, we’ve got a cost-effective, highly efficient solution for you. If it’s in the book, it’s in stock, ready to ship today.

But what if you see something that’s ALMOST what you need? No problem – give me a call. Odds are, we can not only make it work, we’ve done so in the past and saved our notes. Some examples:

-You need a Line Vac, but you have an existing threaded connection where you want to plumb the outlet, and you still want to use a hose on the inlet side. We can reconfigure your Line Vac with one threaded port (either inlet or outlet) and still ship it in a day.

-You need an air knife with a 15″ flow width. We stock an 18″ one, but you’re going to run this 24/7, and that 3″ of wasted air flow is going to add up, and you’ll be a hero when you save your employer almost $800.00* in compressed air costs next year. We can custom cut a shim for that 18″ unit, for under $20. Again, in a day.

-Speaking of air knives, that 12″ model will drop right in to a tight space, precisely where you need it. Problem is, the only way to get an air line in is directly in the center, and our Super Air Knives’ ports are on closer to the edges, and on the ends (which are not accessible in your application.) We can easily add a port, on center. Or 2 inches to the left. Or to the right. Or wherever you may need it. We may need to make a new drawing, and then set it up to machine it, but it’ll still only take a couple of days.

We’re pretty proud of our product line, and our ability to ship such a wide array of products so quickly. But if you see something that would ALMOST work for you, let us know. Chances are, we’ve done it. And if we haven’t, give us a chance – by this time next week, we will have.

Have it your way…at EXAIR.

*If you haven’t done the math yet, we have an easy to use calculator for that.

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