Replacing Blowers with Super Air Knives

Chain conveyor application in need of a blow off solution

The image above shows a chain conveyor with coated handles travelling along a production line. At this stage in their production, these handles have just left a washing station and need to be dried.  In order to finalize the drying process, some form of blow off is needed.

The existing blow off solution which could not effectively remove the water.

The existing blow off setup is shown above. This system utilizes two blower driven air knives to remove any excess water from the handles, but it is proving to be ineffective due to the turbulent nature of the airstream from a blower.  To combat this ineffectiveness, this production facility has placed an employee in front of the existing setup, using a compressed air blow off as a pretreatment procedure.

Personnel were added to this stage of production to provide a pre-blow off treatment.

Having a line operator stationed at this point was undesirable for this customer.  What this application needed was an efficient, productive, and repeatable blow off solution that would eliminate the need for redundant personnel at this stage of production and make the process fully automated. That solution was the EXAIR Super Air Knife.

By utilizing Super Air Knives, this customer was able to create an even and laminar sheet of air to dry these handles. The smooth profile of the airflow allows maximum velocity to be maintained at a further distance from the knife than the existing setup.  This translates to higher force at further distances, which in turn translates to proper part blow off and full automation of the process (the line worker was removed from the application), thus saving cost and eliminating an unnecessary safety risk.

With a required blow off width of ~40” in this application, using (2) model 110042 42” Aluminum Super Air Knives was a perfect fit. If you have a similar, redundant blow off operation in place and would like to make it more effective in terms of results and costs, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

Using Air Amplifiers to Clean a Conveyor Rail


EXAIR Adjustable Air Amplifiers used to clean a conveyor rail
As the rig moves along the rail the Air Amplifiers move too

The phone rang in the Application Engineering department earlier this week and on the other end of the phone was a user of EXAIR products.  They were searching for a way to move a bulk quantity of sand from one location to another, and they recognized our Line Vacs.

After discussing the specifics of the application (the material to be conveyed, material size, bulk density, conveying distance and height, required conveyance rate, and available compressed air supply), we settled on a 3” Stainless Steel Line Vac, model 6066.

However, that wasn’t the intriguing part of the call.  What was more interesting is that this particular end user had an installation of EXAIR Adjustable Air Amplifiers keeping a conveyor rail dry and clear of water.  An Air Amplifier is an effective means of moving large volumes of air to dry, clean, or cool.  However, normally when such a blow off need is required, a Super Air Nozzle will be utilized.

I came to understand that the Air Amplifiers were working wonderfully in keeping the conveyor rain clean and dry, but the water contaminants were spilling off into other processes.  The end user was curious if EXAIR made any vacuum systems for industrial clean up, preferably with accessories to possibly use in this application.  We discussed the merits of a Reversible Drum Vac, the available accessories, performance specifications, availability from stock, and the cost.

Today we received an order for two Reversible Drum Vac systems and a 6066 Line Vac.  It was great to help a repeat user of EXAIR products, but would’ve been just as rewarding for a new customer.

If you have an application with a process disturbance and think an EXAIR solution may help, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer