EXAIR Safety Air Guns: Improving Efficiency Worldwide

Back in September I wrote about how our Model 1410SS-CS Blow Guns were recommended within a Cleaning Application for castings prior to wash. Update: The customer, in India, has since implemented the suggested changes and our distributor has monitored the daily use of compressed air. At the time of the first blog we estimated 75% air savings based on the information we had from the customer. The final result was nearly 70% compressed air savings. Also, the operators report that the air guns were easier to operate and provided sufficient force for their applications.

In our continuing support of the customer, we identified three other areas within their production plant where an improvement could be made with the application of some EXAIR Heavy Duty Safety Air guns.

Blowoff 1Blowoff 2Blowoff 3

The first application is one where the frame of a tractor has been steam washed and is subsequently blown off by hand. In this application, the operator needs to get into some tight areas to get water condensate blown out before the partially assembled frame can be painted. He was using a simple, rubber hose that he would kink over and stop the air flow. No nozzle, no air gun, nothing.

The second application was one where the operator appeared to be using some sort of modified water valve like you would see under your sink or toilet in your home. This operator was charged with blowing debris from primed surfaces before painting for the sheet metal body parts that make up the tractor housing.

The last application I will mention is one where an operator was responsible for blowing off the painted surfaces as they were exiting the drying oven after paint and cure. His job was to ensure the painted surfaces were clean and cool so they could be assembled together more quickly.

When I was deliberating about which of our solutions to recommend, I wanted to try and keep things simple and interchangeable for the end user. So, I made a recommendation for all three applications to use the same Safety Air Gun. That recommendation was model 1310-12. The projected savings for all three applications is well into the 70% range. The other benefit is that using the Heavy Duty Safety Air Guns instead of these other home-made and modified solutions is that the inherent safety of the applications will also improve as will the noise generation be reduced.

We think we have a good shot at replacing the blow offs in these areas since we already had one success with proven results. This will be our second strong case for the customer to follow recommendations. So they are confident in achieving similar efficiency improvements as the first blog explains.

Do you have home-made blow offs that you use in your production areas? Do they use a lot of compressed air?  Are they safe?  Do they make a lot of noise and leak a lot?  Perhaps you would be well served to allow us to help you as well. We can make some preliminary comparisons to give you a good idea about how much air you could save. We have the EXAIR Efficiency Lab which is a service to our customers where they can send in their existing nozzle, gun or home-made item to have it tested by our engineers. We can then prepare a complete report about air flow comparisons, force, noise and what we would recommend from our offering to replace it. There isn’t any obligation to buy anything. Only the peace of mind that you made a good due diligence effort to make sure that what you are considering as a solution is better than what you have there now.

Neal Raker, International Sales Manager

Chip Vac Clears Cast Iron Chips from Fixtures

On a recent trip to India, I had the opportunity to visit a few of our end user clients in the field to see how they were using our products. On one occasion, we visited a tractor assembly plant. One department in the plant was responsible for machining the finished surfaces of the cast iron parts that made up the sub-frame of the tractor. The surfaces that mated together needed to have a finish cut made on them so that the gaskets used could seal properly on a flat surface.

The original problem was that once a part was completed with the machining cycle, the cast iron chips remained in the fixture that holds the part. This material interfered with proper mounting of the next raw part into the machining fixture. The customer then tried the EXAIR Chip Vac System to remove the chips from their fixture between each cycle. The Chip Vac System performed excellently for this task. And so the customer decided to up-fit all of their machining centers with Chip Vac Systems.


The advantages of the Chip Vac System in this case were:

  1. They could turn their existing 55 gallon, open top drum in to a collection tank by applying the Chip Vac lid and filter assembly. The drums were not being used prior to applying Chip Vac, so it was viewed as a good re-purposing of the drums.
  2. There are no moving parts to wear out with the Chip Vac. Motors, brushes and impellers used on traditional electric vacs simply do not stand up to industrial use as in these cases.
  3. The sound level produced by a Chip Vac is far lower than an electric vacuum. There are presently no such ministry of health rule in India which govern this issue, but the operators were definitely happy about less noise and so was the shop foreman.
  4. The 10 ft. hose easily reached inside the machine center to allow for quick and easy access to the fixture for vacuuming task.

EXAIR is a company who developed our Industrial Housekeeping Products out of need in our machine shop to have reliable products which were convenient to use. It is always good to see when others who have similar needs, use our product for the same kinds of problems we encounter when working in our own production areas.

Our Industrial Housekeeping Products consist of a wide range of products which include: Chip Vac, Heavy Duty Dry Vac, Reversible Drum Vac, Chip Trapper, Heavy Duty HEPA Vac and last but not least, Vac-U-Gun and Deep Hole Vac-U-Gun systems.

We are here to assist you in selecting the right product for your application. Please call us today to discuss your specific application needs.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer / International Sales

Postcard from India


As the title of the blog indicates, I will be in full swing on my visit to India this week and next. I have a unique opportunity in the work I do for EXAIR that not too many folks can say they have had. That is to travel the world to meet our partners in industry. This time, India is the destination and I could not be more excited.

I have my Rupees in one hand and a passport in the other. I have just landed in India and will begin running with our local distributors to bring some character to our company. This includes many technical discussions on various applications as well as building the relationships. I can say without doubt, building the relationships is by far the most rewarding part. Many folks from other cultures value the relationship above all else. In fact, you could say that just about everyone does.

I’ve heard it said before that blogs, e-mails, tweets, Facebook and all the other forms of social media are the way of the future, but I would still say that a good old-fashioned meeting face to face, where you are not limited to 140 characters and where the person on the other side can see your facial expressions and gestures are invaluable in bringing us all together as a community.

यह दुनिया के साथ साझा करने के लिए आप कई आशीर्वाद और भी अधिक मित्रों को ला सकते हैं.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer