The (Not So) Dreaded Warranty Claim Call

If you’ve ever worked in customer service or technical support, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that you’ve spoken with someone who isn’t getting what they wanted from your products and/or services. And no matter who you are, you’ve almost certainly spoken with someone you’ve bought something from, because you’re not getting what you wanted from it, right? And we can all (I hope) agree that there are MANY things we’d rather do than make…or receive…those calls.

I had the pleasure of assisting a customer yesterday who wasn’t getting what he wanted from an EXAIR product: in this case, it was one of our Stay Set Hoses. It seems that the bendable element inside had broken, meaning the Stay Set Hose was no longer “staying set.”  Since this unit had only been in service for about a month, I was anxious to know what would cause such a failure on a solid product with such a successful track record.  The caller was up front, early in the conversation, with his understanding that we can’t warranty against everything that a user might do to our products (the fact of the matter is, we do honor a 5 year “Built To Last” warranty against manufacturing defects,) and we shared a quick laugh because we both remembered this luggage commercial:

By this time, it was the best warranty claim conversation ever.

Flexible and durable, EXAIR Stay Set Hoses come in lengths from 6" to 36".
Flexible and durable, EXAIR Stay Set Hoses come in lengths from 6″ to 36″.

This particular Stay Set Hose was one of many in their plant, so we had a good discussion of some common best practices for their use:

*Keep bends as gradual as possible, especially if repositioning is frequent.

*Use two hands to bend the hose, as much as possible, to prevent/limit an excessive amount of leveraged force being applied to the connecting end of the bending element.

*When re-positioning is needed, do not grab onto the point of use device (Air Nozzle, Air Amplifier), but instead, use the spring relief as a grip to bend the blow off device into place.

*Keep in mind they’re PVC…temperature rating is 158°F. They’ll handle a fair amount of heat, but take advantage of their flexibility and bend them well away from any hot surfaces.

Like I said, this hose had only been in service for about a month, so we’re getting it back in the shop for failure analysis. Stay tuned for a future installment, where I’ll tell you how the rest of EXAIR’s warranty evaluation process works.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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What The 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee Can Do For You. And Us.

If you’re reading this, then we must have one thing in common: we’re regular visitors to the EXAIR Blog. I work with these guys, so, odds are, I’ve heard it before I read it (and I want you to know that’s not always a blessing), but I still read them…mainly for the pictures.

This has nothing to do with my blog, but it's just awesome.
This has nothing to do with my blog, but it’s just awesome.

The other day, Brian Farno wrote a great piece on how to use our 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee to “prove out” an application before ordering a custom made (and non-returnable) product. Some folks are hesitant to do this, because they feel bad about taking advantage of us – “gaming the system,” I’ve heard it called. Don’t. It’s still better for both of us than sticking you with something that doesn’t give the desired results, and you can’t return.

I helped a customer a while back with a static elimination application – they were interested in a 102” long Super Ion Air Knife…this was an ideal case where a 96” long unit could be used to test performance. This one turned out even better than anyone expected: they actually got the results they were looking for from the 96” Super Ion Air Knife, so we were all pleased.

Another benefit of the Guarantee is, we get to find out where things DON’T work. This can be just about as valuable as knowing where they DO work. I’ve gained many a potential customer’s trust by being up-front with them, and, if I know what DOES work, I’ll be happy to tell you where you might be able to get it. We all will…we want to be your first call for your compressed air application needs. Try us.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Try It; You’ll Like It


In my continuing adventures of marriage, my wife and I are looking for a new couch.  We both had previous couches from our individual apartments that aren’t going to make the move with us to the new place.  My couch was purchased on clearance from a warehouse store, and didn’t make it six months before I had to reconstruct the 1X4, staple and glue construction.  The couch is less than comfortable to sit on properly, and it’s color, brown, does not fit into the décor of the living room or any room.  You get the picture.  I spent a tiny amount of money and it held up to a tiny amount of use.  I knew the couch wouldn’t hold up for very long when I bought it, but I definitely got what I paid for, and I will not make that choice again.  For one, I want a couch that is very comfortable.  Second, I don’t want to spend another perfect football Sunday shopping for a couch…(writer realizes his wife reads this)… not that it wasn’t a lovely day!

In her shopping, my wife found a company online that manufactures and designs couches inside the USA and allows you to try out the couch for 365 days before deciding, if you want to keep it.  It is amazing how much better I feel about spending a good amount of money on something I haven’t had a chance to see or feel, when I know I can send it back in a couple of weeks, if it doesn’t work out.  They even have designers that will help you pick out fabric and colors to match your room.

Obviously, this is EXAIR’s model inside the US and Canada.  We have a 30 day unconditional guarantee for you to try out our products.  We do this because we have such faith in our products that once you test the product, you will want to keep our products.  We also do this because we don’t want you to feel hoodwinked after a purchase and feel any buyer’s remorse.  If the product doesn’t live up to your standards, we would rather take it back than leave you with any bad feelings about EXAIR.

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer

Another Day Another Track

That’s right folks, it’s that time of the year and I really lucked out this time by winning a track day raffle for a day at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course and School. I had a spot for Novice class at the track day school.  I then proceeded to talk two of my good friends that always go to the track into taking off work and going with me.

They had been to Mid Ohio before and ran several times.  I on the other hand had never even seen the track.   I knew it was quite technical compared to Putnam Park but, the school that they put on for first time attendees receives nothing but excellent comments and reviews. Since I didn’t know what to expect I of course went straight to their website and  then to good ole’ Youtube.  I started my research and talked with a few other people who’d been there and was completely amped about going.  A map of the track is below.

My nerves were on high alert and I couldn’t wait to see this historic race course.  As we pulled in I noticed a bunch of large factory sponsored trailers, the track day just happened to be the day before the AMA Superbike Races started.  Because of this we got the luxury of not only pitting on hot pit, but also we go to watch all the pros get setup in the garages and even see a few of them.

Once we got the bikes ready we went to the morning riders meeting where I found out there were only 6 people total in the Novice class.  This  was unheard of, normally there would be 20-30 people, Because of the small numbers we divided up into two groups and each group had a coach rider.  My coach rider was a gentleman by the name of Dennis Myrwold.  He took us through the basics and each session we practiced different aspects of riding the track.  At lunch time he approached me and commented that my lines were looking good and lap times weren’t bad either.  He asked about why I had blown a few turns, I gave him my answer, then he said you should step up to Intermediate.  I was amazed, I had never been commented to by a Coach rider before let alone told I was good to step up my first time at a track.

Needless to say, I declined and stayed with him and the two other people he had under his group.  By the end of the day I was dragging knee on the freshly painted curbs and passing people on bigger bikes on the back straight.  My two friends and I were all packing the trailer and loading up the bikes when I saw Dennis walking down pit row.  He came up to our trailer and once again talked to me about my riding ability stating that I would really benefit from stepping up and that I should definitely come back.  My two friends were both standing there saying we told you that you’d have no problem with this track.  I thanked Dennis for everything he had taught me that day and told him I’m sure I will be seeing him again later in the year.  At this point I went straight to cloud nine, not only had I gotten to do a track day at Mid Ohio which I never thought I would get to, but I had been told by the instructor after my first time to the track that I should step up.   I realize that I am no where near the fastest rider but it took a Coach rider telling me I should do something in order to get me to do it.

The moral of the story is even though my friends and my peers were encouraging me to do something I had to have a person with technical expertise in the field in order for me to listen.  This is the case in a lot of areas, if you go to a car dealer and the salesman tells you the car has zero maintenance issues you may or may not believe them.  On the other hand if there is a service person there and you ask them the same question, if you are like me you’ll take his expert opinion over a commissioned sales person.

This is why when you call EXAIR and have a question on a product or application you speak directly to an Application Engineer.  We are not commissioned sales people and we are all experts in our field of efficient compressed air usage.  We are going to be up front with our recommendations and also back our recommendations up with a 30 day guarantee along with a 5 year built to last warranty on all of our compressed air products.

P.S.   The track day video footage is still being processed.   I’m sure it will makes its way to our Facebook or Twitter feed.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer