Two Year’s Experience

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and I don’t think that’s ever been more true. The “Dread Newbie” (that was me) just celebrated two years at EXAIR. The grizzled veterans like Joe Panfalone and Neal Raker just roll their eyes and tell me to “get some time” on the job before I start crowing about a milestone, although I have, in fact, two whole weeks of seniority on Lee Evans. On the other hand, I’ve now been here over half as long as Brian Farno, which is convenient…Kirk Edwards says I’m half as productive…so I got that going for me. Thanks; I’m here all week.

But seriously, folks, it’s been an interesting, exciting, and fulfilling two years. It’s been easy to meet the standard inspirational goal of learning something new every day, considering the depth of our product line, and daily encounters with the countless situations where they can – and sometimes can’t – be applied.

Knowledge is key, indeed, and there are different ways to obtain it; the two most prominent being education and experience. You may favor one over the other, depending on the number of certificates you have (and where they’re from) , and/or the unwritten diplomas you may have received from the School of Hard Knocks.

I’ve always been a firm believer in the value of both, and I’m pleased with the mix that I’ve received at EXAIR. Immediately after reporting for duty, I started a regimen of one-on-one instruction in the Efficiency Lab…the Application Engineering team (and Professor Penurious) took turns training me on the design, specifications, operation, and potential applications of the various devices that make up our comprehensive line of Intelligent Compressed Air Products. I still refer to some of those notes from time to time.  We’ve also had all-hands formal training for new products lines, like the Atomizing Spray Nozzles and the USB Data Logger.

I’d been on the job for barely a month when I got my first opportunity to perform a conveyance test, using customer-supplied material, to determine suitability and flow rates using a few different sized Line Vacs. The Line Vac worked well with their small, hard pellets, but it chipped the larger chalky tablets. It was as valuable a demonstration of air conveyance as I can think of, and I was lucky enough to get it right at the start.  Since then, I’ve performed numerous product tests with the Line Vacs, as well as flow & force tests with our Super Air Nozzles and Air Knives, performance ratings of our Vortex Tubes and Static Eliminators, and Efficiency Lab comparison testing of customer supplied gear & our Safety Air Guns.

Last year, I got to go to a class on the “Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems,” sponsored by the Compressed Air Challenge. It was a comprehensive training course that focused on optimizing a compressed air system at the compressor, the point of use, and everywhere in between. When I get a call for technical assistance, I’m now able to understand, and relate to, a wider variety of issues that relate to the successful application of our products. Just another value-added service you get from EXAIR Application Engineering!

While the learning curve has been steep, and fairly aggressive, I’m constantly mindful of the need to keep it up. This is, all too often, how hard-working folks end up with what they think is ten/twenty/thirty years of experience, but it’s really only one year of experience, repeated ten/twenty/thirty times.  And that’s unfortunate.

It would be hard to do that at EXAIR. We’re keenly seeking a better understanding of each and every application that’s presented to us. If we need to test a particular product for suitability, and it’s within the range of our test equipment, we will. If it’s not, we’ll work with you as much as you’re willing or able – our commitment to ship catalog products same day with orders by 3pm EST and our 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee mean we can do this quickly and hassle-free.

Some may consider this a bold statement (although nobody here does), but there’s not a more ideally suited place to bring your questions about compressed air usage applications than EXAIR. Try us.  It’s my intent to be here to take that call for a good, long time.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation
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