The Importance of Sound Level Measurement


EXAIR has a large assortment of stocked Intelligent Compressed Air Products for your consideration. We keep an abundance of stocked items ensuring great customer service and quick turn-around for your purchases. EXAIR products are designed to help you save money that use compressed air while also providing a safer alternative for sound and dead end pressure.

Let’s talk about sound levels and environments with excessive noise level.. OSHA Standard 29 CFR – 1910.95(a) identifies the maximum allowable Noise Exposure by hours and sound level. If exposed to excessive levels of sound for a period of time you risk hearing impairment or even a total loss of hearing when not wearing proper hearing protection.

EXAIR has a Digital Sound Level Meter Model 9104 that measures sound level pressure in many different environments. This meter will detect unsafe levels of noise to help you identify the area(s) of concern.

EXAIR has a catalog of Intelligent Compressed Air Tooling that will help minimize your sound level concerns while helping reduce your cost of producing compressed air. If you have questions regarding how EXAIR can help reduce your sound levels or want more information for our Digital Sound Level Meter please contact any of our Application Engineers for advice.

Eric Kuhnash
Application Engineer
Twitter: Twitter: @EXAIR_EK

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