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EXAIR’s Efficiency Lab is a free service to all US customers.

Making business fun and easy with EXAIR? Customer service, quality, expediency, knowledge and fair market value are all aspects of business that EXAIR and employees take very seriously. We take pride in all of these aspects of business relationships making your experience doing business with EXAIR exceptional.

EXAIR customer service is exemplified with your call in experience knowing that a “Live” operator will greet you when answering phone calls. The answering operators can direct your call to your need, take credit card or purchase orders, quotes or provide information regarding delivery of an existing order. If you need product information you will be directed to our Application Engineers. Application Engineers offer assistance with product knowledge, product processing, installation, problem-solving and quotes. Customer service is taken very seriously at EXAIR, we want to help make your decisions feel right.

Quality goes without saying. EXAIR designs products with quality in mind. The quality of our products also considers “Quality of Life” aspects such as meeting OSHA standard 29 CFR-1910.95(a) Maximum allowable Noise Exposure and 29 CFR 1910.242(b) Harmful Dead End Pressure. EXAIR takes pride in our products while respecting the environment of our customers.

EXAIR manages to keep an inventory of product making your purchase(s) convenient, reliable and expeditious. Our purchasing and production teams work together ensuring that we keep stock and lead times to a minimum.

EXAIR’s knowledge of the industry ensures we keep up with the economy and trends. Our management and marketing professionals keep us well-informed and on top our markets. EXAIR is a leading force in our industry where we set the pace for customer experience.

EXAIR’s Free Efficiency Lab

If you have a need for Intelligent Compressed Air products please contact us and let us demonstrate our expert level of customer service. EXAIR respects our customers and strive to provide excellence in our customer service.

Eric Kuhnash
Application Engineer
E-mail: EricKuhnash@exair.com
Twitter: Twitter: @EXAIR_EK

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