EXAIR Gen4 Ionizing Bar Removes Static From Corona Treated Plastic

If you want to print on plastic, it’s challenging – most plastics are chemically inert and non-porous.  That means you can apply all the ink you want; it’s not going to stick.  In the 1950’s, a Danish engineer named Verner Eisby experimented with various techniques to overcome these challenges.  He found that exposing the surface to be printed on to gas flame or sparks modified the surface to improve adhesion with the ink.  It did so, though, in a crude & uneven manner, leaving imperfections & inconsistencies in the printed product.  He then tried applying a high frequency corona discharge in a linear array.  The plasma (gas in an ionized state) generated left a homogeneously treated surface on which to print, smoothly & evenly.

This has become the “industry standard” for many of the labels we see on commercial products, from shampoo & wine bottles on the grocery store shelf, to pennants & banners at public events.  It also leaves the surface even more prone to picking up a static charge from rolling or unrolling, stacking, sliding, etc.

One of our customers makes a great many labels for all kinds of these commercial products, and uses an EXAIR Gen4 Ionizing Bar immediately prior to the printing operation:

Model 8024 24″ Gen4 Ionizing Bar removes static from Corona treated plastic label film.

EXAIR Corporation has a variety of Static Eliminator Products to fit most any industrial or commercial application.  If you’d like to find out more, give me a call.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation
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QR Codes and EXAIR

I’m sure most of you have been seeing these square symbols on products, labels, in magazines, maybe even on billboards.  No it’s not where a dot matrix printer hurled its guts, it’s a QR Code. (Quick Response Code).   These are bar codes that can be scanned with smart phones or tablet devices.   Here at EXAIR you are going to start seeing these QR codes on our products.  The pictures below show some examples of the labels you are going to find on our products.

If you scan the code it will then connect you to our mobile site which has a good amount of information that is quickly available.   I did a brief overview of the mobile site in a video blog a few weeks ago, it can be viewed here.

So don’t keep wondering what those little blocks are, get your mobile device out and scan it, check out the mobile site.  It’s going to help you find information on the product, videos, installation and maintenance guides, and even information on other products that you might be able to use.

If you have any questions on any of our products don’t hesitate to contact an Application Engineer.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer