“Go Green” in 2019 With EXAIR’s Super Air Nozzles & Jets!

If one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2019 is to help improve your impact on the environment, look no further than EXAIR’s Engineered Air Nozzles & Jets. By upgrading your blowoff, cooling, and drying operations to use one of our Super Air Nozzles or Jets you can save as much as 80% of your compressed air usage when compared with an inefficient solution.

open tubes
Example of a manifold of open pipes

An open copper pipe or tube, even if “flattened” as we’ll commonly see, wastes an excessive amount of compressed air. This wasted compressed air can create problems in the facility due to unnecessarily high energy costs and the pressure drop that can be experienced affecting other processes. In addition to simply using too much compressed air, an open pipe or tube will often produce sound levels in excess of 100 dBA. At these sound levels, according to OSHA, permanent hearing damage will occur in just 2 hours of exposure.

OSHA Chart

By simply replacing the open tubes and pipe with an EXAIR Super Air Nozzle, you can quickly reduce air consumption AND reduce the sound level. Sound level isn’t the only thing an OSHA inspector is going to be concerned about regarding an open pipe blowoff, in addition OSHA 1910.242(b) states that a compressed air nozzle used for blowoff or cleaning purposes cannot be dead-ended when using with pressures in excess of 30 psig. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to use an air gun with 30 psig fed to it, but the effectiveness of it is dramatically reduced. This is why there needs to be a device installed that’ll prevent it from being dead-ended so that you can operate at a higher pressure.

EXAIR Super Air Nozzle entrainment

EXAIR’s Super Air Nozzles are designed with fins that serve two purposes. They help to entrain ambient air from the environment, allowing us to maximize the force and flow from the nozzle but keeping the compressed air consumption minimal. In addition, these fins are what prevents the nozzle openings from being completely blocked off. Using an OSHA compliant compressed air nozzle for all points where a blowoff operation is being performed should be a priority. Each individual infraction will result in a fine if you’re subject to an OSHA inspection. Inspections are typically unannounced, so it’s important to take a look around your shop and make sure you’re using approved products.

The fins along the outside of the Super Air Nozzle prevent it from being dead-ended

So, go ahead and make 2019 the year of energy savings, increased efficiency, and improving worker safety. You’ll find all of the tools you need in EXAIR’s 32nd edition of the catalog. Click here if you’d like a hard copy sent directly to you! Or, get in touch with us today to find out how you can get saving with an Intelligent Compressed Air Product.

Tyler Daniel
Application Engineer
E-mail: TylerDaniel@exair.com
Twitter: @EXAIR_TD


Do Your Compressed Air Processes Always Have To Be On?

With all the talk of conserving energy and lowering our energy consumption going around, optimization of your compressed air system is vital to reducing the consumption your operations use.  One of the key ways you can optimize your system is by implementing an Electronic Flow Control wherever possible. 


   The advantage to using an EFC on your system is you will decrease your air consumption as long as your process can be shut off for even a second or less.  Think of the grass in your yard.  You don’t water it continuously throughout the day like in the video below.

Come to think of it I’m not sure I have ever seen someone water their lawn quite like that…back to the point.  When most people water their lawn they only use the water when the yard needs it or for a set time, this is achieved with devices like the following video portrays.

This is one of the ways to “Optimize” the system so that water is not being wasted.  The EXAIR EFC offers the same type of control for your compressed air operations.  Whether it is blowing parts off as they come down a conveyor line, sucking up some trim or debris on a given interval, or even ejecting parts from a line, the EFC has dozens of programmable modes and offers the conservation of your compressed air. 

For example if you run a conveyor with products that need to be blow off and are 6” long, have a 6” gap between each product you could set the sensor and the timing unit for the EFC to save up to 50% of your compressed air.  There have been multiple uses across multiple industries that have saved thousands of dollars for our customers.   To check out some of the applications where the EFC has cut air consumption please follow this link.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer