Super Air Knife – Dip Tank Application

I took a call from a customer today who was having a problem with residual fluid “pooling” on top of their parts after a heat treat dip tank application. After the parts are treated and removed they have to be set aside for an operator to walk around the tray with an air gun and manually blow off the parts, resulting in the fluid ending up on the shop floor. They were looking for a solution to effectively blow off the residual fluid prior to the trays being removed, so they could recover the excess fluid back in to the process and their operator could tend to other areas of production.

Heat Treat Equipment

I recommended using 2 of our 30” Super Air Knives. The Super Air Knife produces a high velocity laminar sheet of airflow with a 40:1 amplification ratio (the ratio of entrained ambient air to compressed air) and only consumes 2.9 SCFM (per inch) @ 80 PSIG. Engineered for safety, they cannot be dead ended – meeting OSHA standard 1910.242(b) and they also meet the OSHA allowable noise exposure operating at a low 69 dBA (@ 80 PSIG).


By mounting 1 of the units on the front and the other unit on the back of the tank, they would be able to pass the tray through the high velocity airflow providing the desired blow off and recovery of the fluid. More importantly, the customer was able to eliminate the unsafe, wet floor, work environment.

If you have a similar application or would like to discuss your process, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

An Interesting Vortex Tube Cooling Application

A few days ago one of our distributors sent me a table of information about some parts that their customer wanted to cool from 20°C down to -5°C. They needed help determining which model vortex tubes and how many would be needed to reach the desired temperature within the cooling enclosure space. That data table follows:


Weight (kg) Material cp (J/kg C) ΔT Q (J) Time (h) Power (W)
Disc 12.65 Grey Iron 935 25 295693.75 2 41.06857639
Pads 3 Ceramic 460 25 34500 2 4.791666667
Caliper 5.75 Aluminium 890 25 127937.5 2 17.76909722
Other parts 1.2 Aluminium 890 25 26700 2 3.708333333
Air (Vol=2m^3) 2.4 Air 1000 25 60000 2


TOTAL 25 544831.25



Their customer had also estimated an external heat load of about 400 Watts of heat dissipation into the inside of the chamber.

In this case the customer has already done a lot of the leg work to come up with the heat load needed to be offset within the chamber at 76 Watts of heat. They also made a reasonable estimation about their outside heat load at 400 Watts of heat. Adding the two together, we get a total of 476 Watts of heat that need to be dissipated. 476 Watts of heat x 3.41 = 1,623 Btu/hr. that needs to be generated to meet the chamber target temperature of -5°C. I generally tend to convert to °F at this point. So, -5°C = 23°F. This is the target temperature that we must achieve to be successful in the application.

In order to achieve the target temperature of 23°F and provide at least 1,623 Btu/hr. of cooling, we need to determine what temperature the cold air must be to allow us to generate such cooling power in this case. I try to shoot for a vortex tube output flow temperature that is 30 – 40°F LOWER than the target temperature. If we assume the input temperature of compressed air is at 72°F and we set the vortex tube to 60% cold fraction, we can expect an 86°F temperature drop when powered at 100 PSIG. With that in mind, we can then use the formula of Btu/hr = 1.0746 x ΔT°F x Cold flow rate in SCFM. We already know our ΔT between the cold flow and the target temperature which is 37°FΔT (23F – (-14F). So, now we can solve for our cold flow rate. That formula would then look like: 1,623 Btu/hr. = 1.0746 x 37°FΔT x Cold Flow. We come up with 41 SCFM of cold flow that is needed. Since we know the vortex tube is set at 60% cold flow, we solve for the total flow to know what size total input flow we need to provide and thus the size vortex tube or tubes. In this case we need 68 SCFM of compressed air flow at 100 PSIG. And so for this application our most appropriate size vortex tube would be (2) Model 3240 set at 60% cold fraction to provide the cooling energy needed for the application.

If you have a cooling application you would like some assistance with, please contact EXAIR.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

Excellent Customer Service Is The Only Way To Live

I have recently had a few dealings with other companies recently which has left me with two reactions: 1) How they are still in business? and 2) They really have their customer service running well.  The first company was, of course, a large conglomerate that provides our home internet service. The second company was a web-based company providing clothes dryer repair parts.


So the first company, it is a local supplier of internet service.   I called to try and upgrade my service to higher speeds and see when I could get it changed.   I have had their service for over 8 years and haven’t had a whole lot of issues with them, everything has been pretty good.   That is until I tried to use their live chat feature on the website where I was told one price for the service, I then questioned why that price didn’t match the one on their site and was told in order to get that price I would need to call a certain number and speak with a representative.   I thanked the person and made the call.  It took me about 15 minutes or so to get to an actual human and then ended up the price still wasn’t the same and got a little run around on features, so I decided I would look at competitive service.

I spoke to their competitor in my area, which was very straightforward with pricing and answered every question I had directly and gave me a very speedy installation date of the next day, but were about 5 dollars more expensive.  So I called my current provider back and got yet another different price but did finally get some straight answers… and then we got to the installation date – 3 weeks out.   I asked if the fact I was a long-standing customer that was upgrading mattered and found out that is actually hurt my installation date.   Since I was merely an upgrade it was extremely low ranking, but if I signed up for additional services then I would get someone to install it within 3 days. When I expressed my concern for this practice I was greeted with silence and sorry that is just how it is followed by when would you like me to schedule this.

So, needless to say, I contacted their competitor, laid everything out and got the service installed the next day, today I call to cancel my existing service and will hopefully never have to look back.   The moral of the story here is, even though I was a long-standing customer the provider saw no merit in that and actually ranked me even lower than a new account.   They were very cumbersome in how they answered questions which left me feeling uncomfortable and I couldn’t get even the same bad answer from the three different people I spoke with.   Ultimately I left them as a customer and am glad to be with another provider.

As for the second instance, I needed to fix the clothes dryer because it was making some funny noises.   So I took a few pieces off, moved stuff around, didn’t see a whole lot wrong and put it back together.   It started making the noise again so I gave it “The Fonz” treatment (hit it hard) and all was good.   The next time I went to dry something my wife then accused me of not starting the dryer because everything was still wet.   I took a look into it yet again and this time I took the dryer all the way apart thanks to an informal video from the manufacturer. The problem seemed to be some bad preventative maintenance on my part and hair/lint wrapping around a roller guide which cause the  roller to stop and the drum to start going slower, as well as a lot of burnt crud around the heating element. So then the parts search began.   I found a company online whose site was easy to navigate, had lots of pictures, even used their live chat which I got quick responses from, and even found videos of how to fix the exact problem I was having.  So I ordered the parts late at night on Monday, their site showed in stock and shipping the next day.   Tuesday I end up getting a confirmation that the parts will be shipped.  Wednesday I received the parts as well as a follow-up e-mail confirming that the parts had been delivered.


The moral of this interaction as a customer is that I experienced what I hope our customers at EXAIR experience everyday.   All the information I needed was in one place and easy to find,  all the parts were in stock, I got quick responses that were truthful, and in the end even after I ordered the part  I still got great customer service.  Needless to say I have bookmarked their site and will be returning.

Here at EXAIR, you don’t get greeted by a robot when you call during business hours, you get greeted by a human.  We do our best to ensure all information you need is accessible from our site, as well as back that support up with our Application Engineering staff being available by phone, e-mail, chat, fax, visits to EXAIR, and even mail if need be.   Then if you decide to order something from us, if it is standard stock, we ship it same day as long as we get the order by 3 PM EST and are shipping within the United States.  Then, we offer helpful videos, as well as support after you have made your purchase.  On top of all that, we stand behind our products with a 30 day guarantee and a 5 year built to last warranty.

30 Day Guarantee

So no matter how small a project you have, or if you are having any issues with your existing supplier for compressed air products, contact us and see if you notice a difference.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer Manager



New Atomizing Spray Nozzles That Will Change Your Spraying Process

EXAIR has continued to build on a large catalog of Intelligent Compressed Air Products. In catalog 27 we introduce (2) new Atomizing Nozzles to add to our product’s functionality and versatility. Today, I want to talk about one of the spray nozzles we added. Don’t worry! Next week, I will talk about the second nozzle, if you must look ahead follow this link.

Deflected fan in use Deflected Fan

Our new nozzle is the Internal Mix Deflected Fan Nozzle. The nozzle produce a flat fan of atomized liquid at a right angle to the nozzle’s orientation. The nozzle is designed for pressure fed application, where the pressurized liquid does not need to be controlled independently from pressurized air. In cases where space is limited, the directed flat fan frees up over 3 3/4″ extra inches of height clearance on the standard nozzle. With the no drip spray nozzle, it can gain you over 4 inches of clearance. This clearance can be very important when you consider the coverage you gain in a tight space.

Deflected Fan Advantage

Let me give you an example. A customer is running a 28 inch conveyor of machined parts through a 6″ tunnel and wishes to spray a solvent across the parts evenly.  In the past we would have needed to use the AF2010SS No Drip nozzles.  The AF2010SS nozzle would have done a great job, but the nozzle would need to be mounted at the top of the tunnel.  The overall length of the nozzle would limit the spray distance to 2 3/4″ inches.  With only 2 3/4″ of spray, it would require 11 nozzles to cover the 28″ span.  With the AD2010SS the bulk of the nozzle and the no drip body can be mounted behind the spray nozzle, which allows the spray distance to be 5 1/2″ which would cover a wide 8 1/4″ area.  With 8 1/4″ of coverage, what would have required (11) nozzles now only requires (4) nozzles.

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer


Keep it Cool…And Clean…And Dry

Summer is in full swing for us in the U.S.  The temperatures and humidity are high, the sun is shining, and EXAIR Application Engineers are calculating heat load for overheating electrical enclosures to help customers determine which Cabinet Cooler system will remove the heat and eliminate associated problems. With the variety of applications for EXAIR Cabinet Coolers comes a variety of problem solutions.  For example, we may cool the temperature of an enclosure, and, we may also prevent dust or water from entering the enclosure.

Cabinet Cooler Panel

This is exactly what EXAIR can offer in the application shown above.  As you can see, the enclosure has remained open in a dirty environment in an attempt to solve an overheating condition.  This, in turn, has allowed dirt from the surrounding area to enter the enclosure and infiltrate the electrical devices.  An attempt to solve one problem has created another.  By installing an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler, this end user is able to cool the electronic components AND keep the enclosure contaminant free, solving two problems with one device. Also note that keeping an electrical panel doors open exposes personnel to dangerous situations if they come in contact with the exposed wires and connections.

EXAIR Cabinet Coolers have the potential to end an overheating condition AND prevent dirt from entering the enclosure by creating a slight positive pressure inside the cabinet. There is no need to worry about water entering the enclosure if you are in a wash-down or high humidity environment because they are UL listed for NEMA integrities of NEMA 12, NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X. NEMA 12 integrity protects against dirt, dust, and oil. NEMA 4 integrity is dust tight, oil-tight, splash resistant and indoor/outdoor service. NEMA 4X integrity offers the same protection as NEMA $ but is available in 303 and 316 stainless steel to provide for food service and corrosion resistance. To find out more about what an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler can do for your application, contact an Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems Really Are As Easy As That

I had the pleasure of assisting a caller recently who was looking for the “rest of the instructions” for installing an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler System. Frankly, I misunderstood the question, and offered to email the 2-page Installation & Maintenance Guide that ships with every unit. He told me he had that; he just figured there had to be more.

We went over the basic steps, and I even sent him a link to our Cabinet Cooler Systems video. The portion that shows how they’re installed is less than a minute. So, even considering preparation, gathering tools, lockout/tagout (safety first, you know,) and actual installation & plumbing, you’re still probably only looking at a fraction of an hour from start to finish.

You can seriously go from this (left) to this (right) in a matter of minutes.
You can seriously go from this (left) to this (right) in a matter of minutes.

In fact, I know this was true in this particular case, as he called me back within the hour to tell me that it was up & running…”as easy as that.” With EXAIR’s Cabinet Cooler Systems…and just about all of our other product lines…it really is just as easy as that. If you have a compressed air product application and want to find out just how easy it is to solve, give me call, and we’ll find out. Easy as that.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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EXAIR Knowledge Base is Simple to Use

Last Sunday I received a call from my grandmother asking if I could stop by because she accidentally hit a button on her satellite TV remote and now she can’t get the picture to come back. She is 89 years old, so she still has one remote for each device (TV, Satellite and DVD) because that’s how my gramps liked it.

Pile of tv remote controls

I pulled in the drive and she was standing at the front door with the remotes in hand, grinning from ear to ear. Now, I didn’t know if the grins were because her “favorite” grandson (I am sure my brother and cousin would disagree) was visiting or if it was the type of mischievous grin my son gives me when he’s done something he shouldn’t.

As she began to explain every possible little detail that may have lead to her current dilemma, I had already realized what she had done. At the top of the satellite TV remote there is a switch that you slide across to select TV, SAT, DVD, AUX and she accidentally moved the switch to SAT and turned the power off to the satellite box. So I turned everything back on and got it back to where it was just to her liking.

I decided to reprogram her satellite TV remote so she could eliminate the other remotes and just have the one to master. Her response was classic – “Oh great! Why does everything have to be so confusing? I thought you were making it simple for me? Now I only have 1 remote BUT it has 100 buttons on it!!!” I couldn’t resist laughing but it did get me thinking…. Why does the remote have to be so difficult to use?

At EXAIR we try to make it simple for our customers to find the information they are looking for. By registering on our website,, you will gain access to our full CAD and PDF libraries as well as our Application and Case Study libraries. These and other useful tools can be found under the “Knowledge Base” tab at the top of the page in the black menu bar.

Knowledge Base Website

Or if you have a specific application that you would like to discuss, please contact one of our application engineers.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer