Gold Lambo, Gold iPhone, Gold Nozzle??

Gold Lambo
Gold Lamborghini
Gold iPhone
Gold iPhone
Gold Nozzle
Gold EXAIR nozzle

Wait – gold nozzle?  That was my thought when I received the photo above showing what appears to be our 1100SST nozzle, but of a slightly different variety.

While I recognized the model number immediately, it was a bit strange to see one in such a color.  Then, I opened up the next photo attached to the email to see the “gold” air gun as well.

Gold nozzle and gun

It was plain to see that some sort of camera setting or lighting had brought about the abnormality, but it was interesting to consider (just for a second) that a gold version of our nozzles was out there floating around. (This is a somewhat similar situation to the, now infamous, dress).

And, even though EXAIR nozzles aren’t made of gold, they’ve still won gold awards as a Plant Engineering Product of the Year.  So, EXAIR customers are still getting gold even when the nozzles are made of stainless steel (or aluminum… or PEEK plastic… or brass…).

If you have an application that may benefit from an award winning nozzle design, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

Golden Lambo image courtesy of durdaneta.  Creative Commons License
24ct Gold & Swarovski iPhone 5 image courtesy of Ashe Gold Elements.  Creative Commons License

How Could EXAIR Help With The Olympics?

With the Winder Olympics now officially underway I have been trying to figure out just how EXAIR could be a part of the process.  Maybe not in the forefront, but what are some applications that are there and have potential for being done by or improved by an EXAIR product.

The first even/ sport I thought of was Hockey.  When a skate is sharpened they generally do a dry grinding stone.  This can heat up the blade and cause it to become brittle.   The best way EXAIR can help is to offer a Cold Gun or a Mini Spot Cooler to apply a cold dry air to the grinding point and keep both the material and the stone cool to offer maximum tool life as well as a finer finish on the blade.  (This could probably be used in figure skating too but we’ll stick to hockey for this example.)

Skate Sharpening


The second point was during any of the celebratory events where confetti is dispensed an EXAIR Line Vac or a Super Air Amplifier to help dispense the confetti.  We showcase how well this works in one of the Professor Penurious videos.


The final would be the best in my opinion which is to use a Line Vac for a T-Shirt Cannon.  Which would help to spread the promotional items in the common areas. We have customers who build awesome t-shirt cannons used at sporting events, I’m just not sure they get the crowd that hyped up within the curling stadium.

ss lv

So whether you are in the Olympics or simply trying to make some parts for a customer we probably have a product that can help.  Feel free to contact us and find out how.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer