Maintenance Free And Proud Of It

Caller: Do you sell rebuild kits?
Me: Yes, but…why?

This is a WAY oversimplified summary of the start of a popular conversation that an EXAIR Application Engineer might have with a caller looking to restore a particular product to proper operation. Truth is, most of our products have no moving parts, and if you supply them with clean, dry air, they’ll run maintenance free, darn near indefinitely. We’ve documented this in specific cases regarding a Reversible Drum Vac from 1999, a Vortex Tube from 1987, and a Cold Gun from 1985.

Product & year of manufacture, from top left: Reversible Drum Vac (1999,) Cold Gun (1985,) Vortex Tube (1987.) All still performing within factory specifications.
Product & year of manufacture, from top left: Reversible Drum Vac (1999,) Cold Gun (1985,) Vortex Tube (1987.) All still performing within factory specifications.

Caller: So…DO you sell rebuild kits?
Me: Yes, but…only when necessary.

It’s important to note that none of the products mentioned above needed any parts replaced to return to service. Sometimes, a good cleaning is all that’s required. We can help you with a video tutorial if you want to know how to restore a Reversible Drum Vac, an Air Knife, or an Atomizing Spray Nozzle, for instance.  And we’re making new videos all the time for product maintenance, operation, tips & tricks, etc.

Caller (again): So…you DO sell rebuild kits?
Me: Yes, of course!  I mean, who wouldn’t sell rebuild kits for their products?

Take our Safety Air Guns, for example. We offer Service Kits, if the trigger and/or internal valve of a Soft Grip or Heavy Duty Safety Air Gun starts to wear or leak, it’s super easy to replace. We’ve also got replacement springs for the “fail shut” feature of the ball valve of a Super Blast Safety Air Gun. Just about anything else that could be wrong with a Safety Air Gun’s performance can be addressed by cleaning the nozzle.

We also recently added Rebuild Kits for our Atomizing Spray Nozzles to inventory. These contain all of the seals (and moving parts, for the No-Drip models) to restore an EXAIR Spray Nozzle to rated performance.

Keep your EXAIR Atomizing Spray Nozzle (left) in perfect working order with a simple & inexpensive Rebuilt Kit (right of the nozzle.) Contact an Application Engineer to select the one for your product.

For other products, we can also provide replacement gaskets & seals for the Reversible Drum Vac & Chip Trapper products, O-rings for the Line Vacs, Chip Vacs, and Heavy Duty Dry Vacs, new elements for Filter Separators & Oil Removal Filters…just to name a few.

Bottom line: if your EXAIR product isn’t performing the way it used to, give me a call.  It will be my pleasure to help you get it working like new, so that you can continue to get the most out of it.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week

So, it’s Shark Week. For some, the Discovery Channel’s dedication of seven solid days to celebrating these underwater predators is akin to a national holiday. For others, they don’t get all the hype. Like just about anything else, I’m certain it just boils down to a matter of opinion.  Either you like Shark Week, or you’re wrong.  OK; I like Shark Week, so that may be biased…

What’s undeniable, though, is that the former group has turned Shark Week into a reliable ratings windfall for the Discovery Channel for the past 25 years. Now THAT’S longevity. Consider:

“Richard Marx’s “Hold On to the Night” topped the Billboard charts, Cindy Crawford covered Playboy, “Coming to America” held the No. 1 spot at the box office, Michael Dukakis was the Democratic presidential candidate, and the first episode of Shark Week ran on national TV. Today, only the latter enjoys the same cultural relevance it did back in 1988.”  – “Shark Week: Why Is It So Popular?” by Jaimie Etkin, The Huffington Post, 8/7/12

Also, in 1988, EXAIR Corporation was 5 years old. We’ve added, and made improvements to, many products over the past 29 years.   Our Cold Gun, for example, has stood the test of time…literally:

We used to be known as EXXAIR, way back in the 80’s
The unit in the photo above (shown for comparison with our current offering) was recently obtained from a long-time user. It was still in operation, but was showing signs of its 27 years of service (we traced this particular unit to 1985), and they wanted one from the current decade/century/millennium.

The principles of operation, it seems, are the only things we cling to. If it can be improved to use less air, blow more air, operate quieter, longer, or with more versatility, we’re pursuing those changes. Our Application Engineers have a bi-weekly meeting, where progress on new developments is an essential topic. A lot of the information is proprietary right now, but the end results are coming soon…keep an eye out for them on our website, our Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter…you’ll be second to know; I promise.

Discovery Channel, congratulations on your 25th Shark Week. I was going to make a big deal out of the fact that we’ve been here longer, but I saw a clip from one of your shows that talked about how long sharks have been around. Well played, Discovery Channel…well played.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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