Video Blog : Changing Shims In An Air Wipe

EXAIR’s Air Wipes provide a 360° uniform, high velocity airflow that adheres to the outside surface of a round part, such as pipe, hose, cable, etc., as it passes through the throat or center of the device.

In this short video, we show how to change the shim inside of an Air Wipe, letting you achieve an increase or decrease in outlet flow and force while maintaining the same operating pressure.

If you have any questions, please contact an Application Engineer at 800-903-9247.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


Video Blog: Material Selection Guide for EXAIR Air Wipes

The below video covers the Super Air Wipe and Standard Air Wipe and details the materials of construction of all options to help in the selection process.


EXAIR offers the Air Wipes in diameters from 3/8″ (10mm) to 11″ (279mm), all in stock!  (Note – 3/8″ (10mm) size available in aluminum only)

All Offerings and Sizes 2-1


As a final review, consult the table below for a comprehensive summary of the materials of construction for the EXAIR Stainless Steel and Aluminum Super Air Wipes and the Standard Air Wipe.

Summary Table3

If you have questions about the Air Wipes, or would like to talk about any of the EXAIR Intelligent Compressed Air® Products, feel free to contact EXAIR and myself or any of our Application Engineers can help you determine the best solution.

Brian Bergmann
Application Engineer

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Video Blog: How to Adjust an EXAIR Adjustable Air Nozzle

Here is an informal video on how to adjust the EXAIR Adjustable Air Nozzle models #1009 and #1009SS and explanation of the benefits of proper adjustment.


John Ball
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation

Video Blog: How To Clean EXAIR Atomizing Spray Nozzles

New Video Blog!

Here is a thorough explanation and visual steps for cleaning our Atomizing Spray Nozzles. Some of the applications EXAIR atomizing nozzles solve include coating, quenching, cooling, cleaning, humidifying and dust suppression applications. They are made from 303SS to provide corrosion resistance and durability. We offer internal, external and siphon fed nozzles and have patent pending No-Drip models in all three styles. These nozzles can help conserve expensive solutions or coatings because they have fully adjustable air and liquid flow rates.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation

“Advice Is Temporary; Knowledge Is Forever”

I stumbled across this recently, and it’s become one of my new favorite adages. In the context of the writing I found this in, it was meant to call out the difference between telling someone WHAT to do (e.g., giving advice) and telling them HOW or WHY to do it (e.g., imparting knowledge, or possibly, wisdom.) It made me think about how I can do my job as an Application Engineer better.

For example, this time of year, we get a lot of inquiries from folks who need to protect their sensitive electric/electronic devices from heat – both from inside and outside the enclosure. With just a few key pieces of data, we can accurately specify the proper Cabinet Cooler System for their needs. Sometimes, the caller doesn’t understand why we need to know the temperatures inside & outside the enclosure, but a simple explanation – the difference in those two temperatures is directly proportional to the heat being generated inside the enclosure – serves to gain their understanding, and their trust.

It’s also been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. We’re no strangers to this concept either. It’s not uncommon for us to ask for a photo of an application, or to email a photo (or series of photos) to, for instance, show how a Cold Muffler is installed on a Medium Vortex Tube:

Med VT-muffler1 Med VT-muffler2 Med VT-muffler3






If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many pictures is a video worth?  Regular readers of our blogs are treated, once a month or so, to a Video Blog that highlights a particular product, product line, “how-to,” etc.  You can search for a specific one at, or here is a list of links for your convenience:

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Like I said, we’re making a new video every month, and we’re always on the lookout for ideas. If you have any questions about an application or a product, whether it’s “what” “how” or “why,” we’ll be happy to help in any way that we can. Who knows…your question could lead to next month’s video!

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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