The Case for the Cold Gun

Heat is an unavoidable by-product of any cutting or machining operation. Think about it: you’re creating friction on a piece of material with a fast-moving piece of harder material in order to forcibly separate pieces of the original material from its existing shape & size. No matter what, something’s going to get hot: the work piece, the tooling, or (almost always) both. If you don’t do something about it, your parts can become damaged, your tooling can become dull and brittle, and productivity will suffer.

There are ways to alleviate the problem…you can slow the speed of your tooling, but that’s hardly practical, and only marginally effective.  You can use liquid cooling…in fact, you may have to if the particulars of the operation require the lubrication you can only get from a cutting oil or liquid coolant.  But those can be messy, expensive, and the time you spend maintaining the coolant could certainly be spent better elsewhere…like, on machining your products!

The EXAIR Cold Gun Aircoolant System is a novel solution to these problems…heat related and otherwise:

  • The Cold Gun uses compressed air to produce a stream of clean, cold air at 50°F (28°C) below supply air temperature.
  • They use Vortex Tube technology…no moving parts to wear out.
Instant cold air flow with no moving parts!
  • Cold flow and temperature are preset to optimize cooling capability, and are non-adjustable to prevent freeze-up during use.
  • Eliminates the expense of both the purchase & disposal of cutting fluids.
  • Removes the potential for health problems associated with breathing mist & vapors, and the safety issue of slipping on a wet floor.

Cold Gun Aircoolant System selection is easy & straightforward…we offer a standard, and a High Power version to meet your specific needs.

Four systems to choose from, to meet most any need.

We also offer Single & Dual Point Hose Kits, to further meet the needs of your application.  Right now, you don’t have to decide up front…order a Cold Gun Aircoolant System with a Single Point Hose Kit before December 31, 2018, and we’ll throw in the Dual Point Hose Kit for free.

If you’d like to find out more about how Cold Gun Aircoolant Systems can improve your machining or cutting operations, give me a call.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation
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Cool Small Parts and Tools, with Clean, Cold Air

Do you need a proven way to reduce downtime and increase productivity on a variety of operations involving small parts where heat is a problem?  EXAIR‘s Mini Cooler produces a stream of 20°F (-7°C) cold air to prevent heat build up and blow away chips and debris.

Especially effective on high speed operations, the Mini Cooler helps to prevent burning, melting, and heat related breakage, and while doing so, at a quiet 76 dBA sound level. Better yet, all done with no moving parts to wear out.

Mini Cooler Cooling a Small Mill Operation

Some popular applications for the Mini Cooler are – small tool cooling, needle cooling, blade cooling, and lens grinding.

There are several advantages to take note of – low cost, increased production rates, better tolerances, and quiet and compact.


The Mini Cooler Systems are available with One or Two Cold Outlets, and also include a 1″ wide Flare Nozzle Tip, and a Manual Drain Air Filter to clean the air, ensuring long, trouble free operation.

Using just 8 SCFM of 100 PSIG compressed air, the Mini Cooler will not tax your compressed air system.  Its small size allows it to fit in areas where larger systems could not fit.  The powerful magnetic base sticks to any ferrous surface and and provides up to 100 pounds of pull force.

If you have any questions about the Mini Cooler, the Adjustable Spot Cooler, Cold Gun or any EXAIR compressed air product, feel free to contact EXAIR and myself or one of our Application Engineers can help you determine the best solution.

Brian Bergmann
Application Engineer

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Adjustable Spot Cooler Provides Needed Cooling In Sunglass Lens Manufacturing

A little while back, I worked with a large eyeglass manufacturer on a sunglass lens cooling application. In their setup, they were dry cutting film-coated lenses with a router and after the lenses are cut, they are passed through several different rinse cycles and inspected for scratches or other damage. They were seeing a high number of reject parts and determined that the heat being generated by the tooling, was causing the irregularities. In an effort to alleviate the condition, they used a section of open flexible tubing to blow compressed air at the bit, which helped a little, but they were still concerned with the amount of scrap material.

I recommended they use our Model # 3825 Adjustable Spot Cooler System in the process. The Adjustable Spot Cooler incorporates a Vortex Tube to provide a temperature drop from the incoming supply air temperature. Using the temperature control valve, the exhausting air temperature and flow can be adjusted to fit the application. The system includes a flexible hose to focus the cold air to the desired area until re-positioned. The system also features a magnetic base that allows for easy mounting. By incorporating the filter separator included in the system, they can remove any moisture and/or contaminants in the air supply, relieving any concern with contamination or damage to the part.

Model 3825 Adjustable Spot Cooler System

If you have a cooling application you’d like to discuss or for help selecting the best product to fit your need,  give me a call at 800-903-9247.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


sunglasses image courtesy of passer-by via creative common license.


A Better Way To Extend Tool Life

Spring is here in the Midwest, and it’s a darn fine time to be outside doing stuff. I took the opportunity the other day to set out a few tomato plants in the pitifully small area we have in our yard that actually gets enough sunlight to be effective at promoting photosynthesis – a term my 7th Grade son picked up on in science class, and I’m hoping will prove to be more interesting…at times…than his video games.

Anyway, in order to do this Real Gardening Work, I had to get some tools out of their winter hibernation. I was pleased to recall that, last fall, I had taken extraordinary measures to clean, lubricate, repair, and properly store my small arsenal of dirt-working implements. So, I didn’t have to:

*push the hand spade’s handle back in, every time I pulled it from the dirt.
*pull the pruner blades back open every time I squeezed them closed.
*reassemble my “garden weasel” tilling tool with bailing wire.

I was able to do all of that, last fall, with glue, oil, and fasteners that I already had in my garage, so it cost me nothing but the time to do it. Which paid off the other day.

There are plenty of ways to extend the life of your tooling – but it all boils down to how you operate and maintain it.  I was able to apply the latter successfully, and I recently had the pleasure of discussing an application with a machine shop’s maintenance supervisor, about applying the former. He was interested in making operational improvements by replacing their messy mist coolant systems, and extending the life of their tooling. It was almost like he’d been reading our Cold Gun literature (full disclosure: he had.)

With four systems to choose from, we can help you get the right one for your application.
With four systems to choose from, we can help you get the right one for your application.

The Cold Gun Aircoolant System has proved to be a highly successful solution to both of these problems. In fact, the improvements in tool life has been documented in this detailed, long-term study by a major university’s Forestry Products Department.

If you’d like to find out more about how an EXAIR Cold Gun Aircoolant System can improve your machining, cutting or grinding operations, give us a call.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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EASTEC Is Just Around The Corner

Seeing as how I have a background in CNC Machining and have been to the upcoming EASTEC show several times I thought it would be a good idea to try to help some of the machinery distributors and manufacturers showcase their product to the fullest.   Now I know that some companies will only take a skim cut on their demo parts just to make it through the show with a minimal chance for hiccups.  However there are those that want to truly show the machine in action, taking full depth of cuts to showcase how rigid their castings are or how much metal a customer can “hog” at once to cut their cycles times down.  No matter the case EXAIR has a product that your demonstration may benefit from.

It has been my experience that if you are running an average CNC program that is cutting a real part you will most of the time be running some form of cutting fluid / coolant.  Once the machine is set up and into the cut, the coolant will hit the spindle, the tool, or even the part identities and spray the operator window with gallons of coolant.  This makes watching the machine actually cut quite difficult, just like driving through a monsoon without windshield wipers and mud on your windshield.  This is where the Air Stik or Air Disk Window Blowoff Systems will make your machine stand out from the rest.

Instead of your potential customers looking at a window with a blanket of coolant on it not able to tell whether your machine is truly cutting a part or not, they will get to see through a clean window that is going to allow them to view the part being cut that you have spent hours programming to perfection.  The proof is in each of the pictures below.

These systems can be used on open top machines, closed top machines, lathes, or virtually any machine that has an operator window and compressed air.  The Air Stik Open Top  Machine Kit is shown below.

Now for those that don’t want to deal with the coolant deliveries and coolant cleanup at the end of the show but are having some issues with your demo part program not cutting too good dry then we also have an option for you.  We offer our Cold Gun Aircoolant Systems along with our Adjustable Spot Coolers to be used on dry cutting operations.  The Cold Gun and the Adjustable Spot Cooler have been used in a variety of machining applications and have been proven to significantly increase tool life, along with considerably improve surface finish.  These are ideal for an application where you are repeatedly skimming a demo part or even cutting certain materials.   For some of our existing customers they will only use a Cold Gun for the entire machining of their production parts.  A few pictures of both in action are below.

The best part of all the products mentioned is that they all operate off of compressed air which most machines require.  They have no internal moving parts to wear out like bearings or motors.  Lastly, they are ALL stock items that are manufactured here in Cincinnati, Ohio and can ship same day as long as the order is received by 3 P.M. Eastern Time.  So with the show coming up if you can’t see the machine cutting or are having some issues with your tools galling up give us a call, email, tweet, or Facebook message.   We can even drop ship straight to you while you are at EASTEC.

If you have any questions or need for these please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer