Heavy Duty Dry Vac Overview

(Left to right) Chip Vac, Heavy Duty Dry Vac, Heavy Duty HEPA Vac

Are you looking for a reliable heavy-duty vacuum system? Are you tired of your electric motors failing? EXAIR has a pneumatic Heavy Duty Dry Vac that is engineered with the power to vacuum heavy materials, The Heavy Duty Dry Vac is constructed from a hardened alloy that resists abrasion from the harshest of debris, like garnet, glass, tumbling media and steel shot. This system has no moving parts which means no motors or bearings that can fail on you.

The Heavy Duty Dry Vac requires only 68 SCFM at 80 psig of compressed air to operate. Using a hardened alloy construction for the vacuum generator gives the system an increased resistance to abrasive material including sand and blasting material. Depending on your application and the volume of material you need to vacuum we provide 3 different sizes, 30-gal, 55-gal, and 110-gal.  

Our Heavy Duty Dry Vac is the perfect solution for cleaning dry media such as abrasive media, sand blasting, absorbents and gravel from your shop floors and work surfaces. The possibility of electric shock you experience with electric motors is virtually eliminated as the source of power is compressed air. The use of an anti-static hose also prevents shocks when vacuuming dry materials.

EXAIR Heavy Duty Dry Vac Family

EXAIR‘s Heavy Duty Dry Vacs come in 30, 55 and 110 gallon options with several accessories available to help your cleanup and specific needs. These are stock items and can generally be shipped the same day with orders received before 2:00 PM EST. If you have questions regarding our Heady Duty Dry Vac or any of our Industrial Housekeeping Products please give us a call.

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EXAIR – Making Business Fun

EXAIR’s Efficiency Lab is a free service to all US customers.

Making business fun and easy with EXAIR? Customer service, quality, expediency, knowledge and fair market value are all aspects of business that EXAIR and employees take very seriously. We take pride in all of these aspects of business relationships making your experience doing business with EXAIR exceptional.

EXAIR customer service is exemplified with your call in experience knowing that a “Live” operator will greet you when answering phone calls. The answering operators can direct your call to your need, take credit card or purchase orders, quotes or provide information regarding delivery of an existing order. If you need product information you will be directed to our Application Engineers. Application Engineers offer assistance with product knowledge, product processing, installation, problem-solving and quotes. Customer service is taken very seriously at EXAIR, we want to help make your decisions feel right.

Quality goes without saying. EXAIR designs products with quality in mind. The quality of our products also considers “Quality of Life” aspects such as meeting OSHA standard 29 CFR-1910.95(a) Maximum allowable Noise Exposure and 29 CFR 1910.242(b) Harmful Dead End Pressure. EXAIR takes pride in our products while respecting the environment of our customers.

EXAIR manages to keep an inventory of product making your purchase(s) convenient, reliable and expeditious. Our purchasing and production teams work together ensuring that we keep stock and lead times to a minimum.

EXAIR’s knowledge of the industry ensures we keep up with the economy and trends. Our management and marketing professionals keep us well-informed and on top our markets. EXAIR is a leading force in our industry where we set the pace for customer experience.

EXAIR’s Free Efficiency Lab

If you have a need for Intelligent Compressed Air products please contact us and let us demonstrate our expert level of customer service. EXAIR respects our customers and strive to provide excellence in our customer service.

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The Importance of Sound Level Measurement


EXAIR has a large assortment of stocked Intelligent Compressed Air Products for your consideration. We keep an abundance of stocked items ensuring great customer service and quick turn-around for your purchases. EXAIR products are designed to help you save money that use compressed air while also providing a safer alternative for sound and dead end pressure.

Let’s talk about sound levels and environments with excessive noise level.. OSHA Standard 29 CFR – 1910.95(a) identifies the maximum allowable Noise Exposure by hours and sound level. If exposed to excessive levels of sound for a period of time you risk hearing impairment or even a total loss of hearing when not wearing proper hearing protection.

EXAIR has a Digital Sound Level Meter Model 9104 that measures sound level pressure in many different environments. This meter will detect unsafe levels of noise to help you identify the area(s) of concern.

EXAIR has a catalog of Intelligent Compressed Air Tooling that will help minimize your sound level concerns while helping reduce your cost of producing compressed air. If you have questions regarding how EXAIR can help reduce your sound levels or want more information for our Digital Sound Level Meter please contact any of our Application Engineers for advice.

Eric Kuhnash
Application Engineer
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Application Assistance & Application Database

EXAIR Products are used in countless applications across all facets of industry, we have been working to compile some in an easy to read Application Database on EXAIR.com!

Why do we have this database? Well that is simple, we are talking to people every day about applications and how our products can be the solution! Why not log those successful applications in an easy-to-access location for all to see! Also, to make it even more convenient we catalog them by industry and application goal!

Here is how you can find this library.  First, you will have to sign in to EXAIR.  Click here: Log In.  Once you fill in the proper information, you can then retrieve a great amount of resources about EXAIR products that we manufacture.   The Application database is under the Resources tab also known as the Knowledge base.  (Reference photo below).

At the Application Search Library, we have over one thousand applications that we reference.  In the left selection pane, we organized then in alphabetical order under two categories, Application and Industry.

Scroll down in the selection pane until you come to the sub-category: Industry.  Under this Sub-category, you will find three selections that are related to this blog: Automation, Automobile Recycling, and Automotive.  We have other applications as well that may relate to your specific processes if you scroll up and down the list like; Part Ejection and Machining.  You will find many product applications that have already improved processes and solved problems.

If you can’t find an application in this library that matches yours reach out via our Application assistance form! This will be sent directly to the Application Engineering team, we strive to then reach out ASAP to get more information or recommend product! (Reference photos below).

How to find the Application Assistance Form
Application Assistance Form

In today’s market, companies are always looking for ways to cut cost, increase productivity, and improve safety.  EXAIR can offer engineered products to do exactly that.  With the “been there and done that” solutions already described in the Application Database; you can have confidence in finding a way in solving pneumatic issues.  If you do not sign up at www.EXAIR.com and take advantage of these offerings, you will be missing out on a great tool to optimize your compressed air system.

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