Shade-Tree Mechanics and EXAIR Products

EXAIR most often sells business to business, but we also sell to individuals who need the right tools for their home projects.

If you frequent our blog it is no secret that I tend to have projects going on outside of work and I generally find a reason to have an EXAIR product when I am doing them. The first EXAIR application I had at home was in fact utilizing an E-Vac to build a motorcycle brake bleeder.  I still use that to this day, it is on my bench ready to help me rebuild my rear brake system on my bike once I decide to do it. I’ve blogged about that before. The most recent application I had was working on an early 1970’s Jeep with a close friend. He inherited the Jeep from his dad who no longer wanted to work on it. The Jeep hadn’t run in over a year and the original reason for parking it was ticking in the motor.

Broken parts removed – Time for cleaning.

Sure enough, once he got it up and running with some fresh gas and cleaning up the carb the tick had not gone away but he was able to narrow down that it was in fact coming from under the valve cover, so off it came.  We discovered that one of the bridges that hold down the valve rocker was broken, parts were ordered and we started cleaning everything off. The fix could all be had from right up top under the valve cover and should be easy enough once parts were in.  We cleaned up all the oil, removed all the bridges as well as the pushrods.

When we were removing the bolts from the valve cover and bridges there was a good amount of “sludge” and debris around the bolt holes.  When cleaning this all up some did go into the holes and we really wanted to try and keep all debris up top rather than going down into the motor. We noticed some crud around the top of the pushrod holes so we waited until we could use an Atto Back Blow Nozzle on a VariBlast Compact Safety Air Gun to pass down through the pushrod holes and effectively blow any and all debris back up to the top of the motor.  We also were able to use it on the blind holes of the bridge bolts and remove any fines or buildup that had fallen into the hole.

Cleaned up and ready for reassembly

After we were done cleaning up it was time to reinstall with the new part and having a clean top end made the job that much easier. Buttoned everything up, did an oil change, and then the Jeep fired right up with no ticking noise in the motor. Now he just has to clean up some wiring and get tags to put this classic back on the road.

Having the right tool for the job is always the best solution. Whether you are working on a car at home, or if you are career certified mechanic in a shop, the same goes across any industry. When using compressed air in an application EXAIR is the company that can supply you with the right tool to get the job done efficiently, safely, and quickly.

If you would like to discuss any point of use compressed air application, please contact an Application Engineer.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer / Shade-tree mechanic

Ion Air Jet Keeps Laser Scanner Lens Clean, Eliminates False Reads

An automobile manufacturer was looking for a solution to keep their laser scanner lens clean in their body welding process. The Automatic Guided Vehicles or “AGV’s” are equipped with a laser safety scanner mounted on the front and back of each vehicle, used to detect any foreign objects in it’s travel path. The scanners are fitted with a polycarbonate protective lens and as the vehicles travel through the system, the lens can build up a static charge, attracting airborne dust and particulate, which results in false readings, shutting down the line.

The current cleaning method involves an operator using a microfiber cloth to manually wipe the lenses clean, and while this does work, with the scanners being mounted roughly 4″ above the floor, this poses some ergonomic concerns for their workers. The customer found EXAIR after looking on the internet for static elimination products and it turns out, they are currently using several of our products in their facility, but he was unsure which product would be suit their needs so he reached out for assistance.

After further reviewing the application with the customer, they explained that each vehicle makes several “scheduled” stops along the route and one of these areas would be selected as the install point. I suggested the customer use (2) of our Ion Air Jet Kits, to clean the lenses. The Ion Air Jet produces a high volume of ionized airflow that can be focused right at the lenses to eliminate the static charge and carry the fines away. The kit includes a filter separator which is going to remove any condensate and/or dirt in the air supply, as well as a pressure regulator. The pressure regulator will allow them to easily adjust the supply pressure to control the outlet flow and velocity so they don’t disrupt other areas in the process.

Additionally, I suggested they use (2) of our EFC – Electronic Flow Control, which features a timing controlled (0.10 seconds to 120 hours) photoelectric sensor as a means to control air usage. As the vehicle enters the blow off area, the sensor will “see” the vehicle, signaling the solenoid valve to open the air line to the jet to blow off the lens. As the vehicle then exits the area, the sensor would again send a signal to close the air supply, so compressed air is only used when needed, reducing operating cost and further automating the process.

Ion Air Jet Kit, Model # 8494 – includes the Ion Air Jet, Power Supply, Filter and Regulator

If you are experiencing static issues in your process or to see how we might be able to help with your automated system, contact an application engineer for assistance.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer



There IS a Better Way to Vacuum

I spent some time this past weekend straightening up my garage. It wasn’t all that bad, but it had become a bit cluttered…over the past few weeks, it became the staging area for Christmas presents, and then, right after Christmas, it served as the ingress/egress area (for provisions, laundry, etc.) for a long weekend of winter camp for my sons, while my lovely bride and I enjoyed some R&R at a quaint little cabin retreat.

Then we were back to real life, and a situation not unlike those cosmic alignments of the planets that make astrologers wonder and astronomers marvel…both of our cars were due for an oil change at the EXACT SAME TIME.  As I was pushing the broom across the garage floor, a couple of thoughts crossed my mind. First, I have a teenage son with tremendous athletic ability, who I’m sure is more than capable of using a broom…but that’s another story. That led to thinking of other ways I could make the job easier and quicker, and I thought about how cool it would be to have a Chip Vac. That led to my third – and final – thought, about how cool it would be to have an air compressor in my garage. Again; that’s another story.

Perhaps you have a compressed air system, and a need to perform various housekeeping or cleanup operations. Maybe you’re using electric vacuums with motors that burn out and impellers that clog or break. If so, EXAIR’s Chip Vac is just what you’re looking for. There are no moving parts to wear out or break, it’s quieter than electric vacs, and has a powerful suction for fast pickup.

For more aggressive cleanup jobs – say, if your debris is especially dense (steel shot, abrasive garnet, etc.), and/or if there’s a LOT of it, our Heavy Duty Dry Vac may be better suited for you. In addition to the extra power, it’s made of a hardened steel alloy, for extended life, even when used for abrasive materials.

These are available in a variety of sizes (5, 30, 55 and 110 Gallon) and configurations: the standard kit includes everything you need to turn an open top drum into a powerful air-operated industrial vacuum. Our Deluxe Kits add tools and a Drum Dolly for added convenience and flexibility, and our Premium Kits include a drum.

For smaller, more portable jobs, our Vac-u-Gun Systems are just the thing. The Model 6192 Collection System comes with an assortment of tools and a re-usable bag with a shoulder strap. The Model 6292 Transfer System replaces the bag with a 10 foot vacuum hose. The Model 6392 All Purpose System gives you both the hose and the bag.

If you have a need for long lasting, durable, maintenance free Industrial Vacuums, EXAIR has what you’re looking for. We look forward to seeing how we can help with your clean up!

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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