It’s Easy to do Business with EXAIR!

At EXAIR, we make it our mission to be easy to do business with. At a time when there’s been quite a bit of uncertainty in the world, we like to think we’re trying to make lives easier by offering quality products geared towards solving a variety of common industrial problems. Couple that with good service and on-time shipments, and you could say that we’re doing our part to make transactions with EXAIR as simple as possible.

So, what does it mean to be “easy to do business with”? To start, the moment you pick up the phone to give us a call you’re going to speak with a live person right off the bat. No fussing around with a silly menu and trying to determine which buttons to press to get someone on the phone. We’ll be ready to take your call immediately and ensure we get things off on the right foot. If you know what you need, anyone that picks up the phone can process your order right there with you on the phone.

EXAIR keeps all of our cataloged products on the shelf and in stock. By doing this, we’re able to offer same-day shipping on any of our products we have in stock. In order to qualify for same-day shipping, we do need to receive a PO or order in-house before 2:00 ET for deliveries anywhere in the U.S. For orders shipping to Canada, you can still qualify for same-day shipping, but we need the order in-house by 1:00pm to ensure all documentation is properly taken care of.

One common question for anyone in industry is “Do you have samples I can use to test?”. While we do not offer any form of samples here at EXAIR, we can do you one better. Any orders for stock items (except for Line Vac conveyance hose that’s cut to order) come backed up by our Unconditional 30-Day Guarantee. That’s right! Anything, and I mean anything, that we offer from stock can be ordered risk-free for a month of trials. If for any reason at all you find you need to look in a different direction, just reach out to us within that first 30 days and we’ll arrange for full credit (even including UPS Ground shipping to you!). (This guarantee is in effect for our US and Canadian customers only.)

Back to that “easy to do business with” thing…. not only will we ship your order out in the same business day, we’ll also offer you net 30 terms up to $1500 USD for all first-time customers. With terms like this, there’s no excuse not to give us a call and place that order you’ve had your eye set on!! With net 30 terms, any orders that are returned prior to that 30 days means we’d credit that invoice before it even comes due. No need to even involve your accounting department or hassle with getting a credit back to you.

Get in contact with us today and see for yourself what we mean when we say: “We’re easy to do business with”. You’ll see!

Tyler Daniel, CCASS

Application Engineer


Twitter: @EXAIR_TD

Do You Need 30 Days for Testing?

Not long ago while checking out of a motel my laptop bag that was attached to the handle on my suitcase fell forward and the impact shattered the screen on the laptop.  Upon turning the computer on I realized that a new screen was in order.

I waited until I arrived at home and found what I thought to be the correct monitor and quickly ordered it.  It arrived two days later and I painstakingly took the laptop apart and exposed the mounting frame.  The removal of the broken screen and the installation of the new was not too difficult but the cable connector was less than robust and was very tight.  Carefully I worked it back and forth and it came free.

Installation and reassembly went quickly and then I powered up the machine.  I was only greeted with a series of very loud and annoying beeps.  At that point I shut it down and called the company I purchased the screen from and described the issue.  They determined that the resolution of the screen was incorrect for my laptop and that I needed a different model.  They said I could return the incorrect one and upon inspection receive a credit less the return shipping.  At that point I ordered the correct screen and packaged up the wrong one and dropped it off at the parcel delivery service.

The new model arrived and it installed easily and worked perfectly.  I waited patiently and never did see a refund so I called the company and they said that it was an oversight on their end and that it would be corrected within 48 hours.  Sure enough they issued the credit and money was credited back to my account with one exception, the 40% restocking fee!

I can tell you that EXAIR is not that way!  If you order the wrong item or are not satisfied for any reason and the item was purchased within the last 30 days we will facilitate the return and ZERO restocking fee. There are a multitude of reasons our customers would want to take advantage of our 30 day guarantee and we make it a simple transaction if you need to take advantage of it too. Testing is one reason a customer would use this 30 days, other customers may have ordered incorrectly or released product inadvertently, they may have wanted a small sample for a meeting or demonstration at a customers location.

30 day money back guarantee
EXAIR Guarantee

If you want to discuss any EXAIR product, I would enjoy hearing from you…give me a call.

Steve Harrison
Application Engineer
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EXAIR’s Unconditional 30 Day Guarantee = Success!

This week in Cincinnati we hit a record high 79°F. Since less than a week earlier it snowed all afternoon, let’s just say many people around here began to get excited. While I don’t mind a little snow here and there, once February begins to draw to a close I’m ready to bust out the shorts, tank tops and flip flops and bring on some warmer temperatures. It also means I’m right around the corner from opening up the pool. Let’s hope that goes much smoother than last year….


Another benefit to the warmer temperatures, especially here in Cincinnati, is the coming of the baseball season. With the Reds Spring Training also starting this week, optimism is in the air (albeit reserved after the last few years performance).

Unlike baseball where it’s 3 strikes and youuuu’rrrreeee out! EXAIR’s unconditional 30 day guarantee for all stock products allows you the opportunity to test out several different solutions to ensure you get the right product for your application.30dayguarantee

I recently worked with a customer that was interested in switching their current blowoff process with something that would reduce their sound levels but still allow them to complete the job in a similar time frame. The company makes aluminum castings and was using the air gun to remove residual sand leftover in the die after each cycle. Their current air gun was producing sound levels at 107 dBA, well above OSHA’s safe operating range for a full 8 hour shift of work according to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95(a).

They didn’t want to commit to just one style of air gun, so he purchased a 1210SS-18 (Safety Air Gun w/ ¼ NPT Stainless Steel Nozzle and 18” extension) and a few different additional ¼ NPT nozzles to see which style his operators preferred. After some testing, they concluded that the air gun with an 1122SS 2” Flat Nozzle installed provided them with the best results. Having the added feature of changing out the shim to increase/decrease the force and flow was also welcomed. They’ll be returning the extra nozzles and applying the credit to the purchase of some new 1230SS-18 guns to outfit their other work stations.

Model 1230SS-18 Soft Grip Safety Air Gun

While we do have a highly trained team of Application Engineers ready and available to help you determine the most suitable product, sometimes testing it out at your facility is the best way to ensure a positive result. That is EXACTLY why we give you 30 days to test out any stock product. If for any reason at all you’re unsatisfied with the performance, give us a call and we’ll arrange for a return. Don’t be afraid to swing and miss!

Tyler Daniel
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_TD

Reds photo courtesy of Keith via Creative Commons License

Warranties: Better Safe, Than Sorry!

Not my pool, but hey I can dream right?

The last few months for me have been quite busy to say the least. In this time: I’ve gotten married, gone on our honeymoon, purchased my first home, and am planning for an upcoming business trip to China and Taiwan. While it has definitely been exciting, there’s been a fair amount of stress to accompany it. We were thrust into the wonderful world of home ownership when two days in our pool pump went out. I know, you’re probably thinking, whose crazy enough to buy their first home with a pool? Well, we did it! Needless to say, we were fortunate enough to have also gotten a home warranty with the purchase. We’ve had the pleasure of now also using it on our pool filter and the microwave. All of this in just six short weeks! No one is ever excited when things break around the home, but it sure is nice when you have something to fall back on. A few deductibles later, and we’re off to swimming!


Here at EXAIR, we have a longstanding history of standing behind our products. We take pride in ensuring that we manufacture a quality product that will work for years on end, solving your problems. With our 5 year built to last warranty, we guarantee the performance of the product under normal operating conditions for 5 years. If during that time there is any issue relating to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the item at no charge to you.

In addition, we also offer an unconditional 30 Day Guarantee for all of our stock products. We want to make sure you get the most out of our products and this 30 days gives you the time to test it out in your application. If you’d like to discuss a possible application, or have any questions about our Intelligent Compressed Air Products, give us a call.

Tyler Daniel
Application Engineer

Twitter: @EXAIR_TD


Image courtesy of Bill Wilson. Creative commons license.