Unplug and Throw your Electric Vacuum in the Trash!

EXAIR, has the right industrial vacuum for just about any application. We have multiple options for you, based on your facility needs. If dust, dirt, debris, chips, or flakes are a by product of you making your product we are going to have a system for you! EXAIR Even offers a full line of liquid vacuums, something most electrical vacuums are not rated for because of the electric motors and possibly of becoming a shocking hazard.

Here are some highlights that illustrate how our products are better than any electric vacuum, or motorized vacuum you could purchase. You do not need electricity, There are no moving parts. Ours are quieter than electric alternatives. There is no risk of electrocution, shock, or a motor breakdown.

EXAIR Reversible Drum Vac (left) and Heavy Duty Dry Vac (right) Two Industrial Vacuums – wet AND dry – for less than the purchase AND operating cost of a dual Venturi vacuum.

Which EXAIR Industrial Housekeeping Product is right for you?  It depends on what you’ll be using it for.  Very generally speaking, here’s a brief overview of the product line:

Chip Vac Systems:

  • Pick up dry or wet chips and transfer them into a standard open-top drum.
  • Available in four sizes: 5, 30, 55, or 110 gallon drums.
  • Turns your own 30, 55, or 110 gallon open-top drum into a powerful vacuum system, in minutes, with a standard system.
  • Add portability and flexibility with a Deluxe System, which includes a drum dolly and a tool holder.
  • For a total Industrial Vacuum System, complete & ready to go right out of the box, the Premium Systems add a drum, a compressed air supply hose, an upgrade to Heavy Duty Aluminum Tools & a Static Resistant Vacuum Hose.
  • For smaller jobs or in tight quarters, the Mini Chip Vac System comes with a compact 5 gallon drum.  The Deluxe System adds a drum dolly for portability.

Heavy Duty Dry Vac Systems:

  • Function is similar to the Chip Vacs, but the vacuum itself is made of a hardened alloy, and offers higher vacuum power for dense and/or abrasive material cleanup.
  • Fits your existing 30, or 55 gallon drums for a quick & easy, basic high-powered vacuum solution.
  • Deluxe Systems add Heavy Duty Tools & tool holder, and a Drum Dolly.
  • Premium Systems come with a 30, 55, or 110 Gallon Drum.

Heavy Duty HEPA Vac Systems:

  • All the power, durability, and convenience of the Heavy Duty Dry Vac Systems, but with a HEPA filter for contaminants such as mold, allergens, and other airborne irritants.
  • Fits your existing 30 or 55 gallon drums, or Deluxe & Premium Systems add the same accessories as the Heavy Duty Dry Vac Systems.
EXAIR’s Heavy Duty Dry Vacs turn ordinary drums into high powered, rugged industrial vacuum systems.

Reversible Drum Vac Systems:

  • These are our drum mounted vacuums for liquids.  They’ll fill or empty a 55 gallon drum in 90 seconds (tested with water.)
  • Fits an existing 30, 55, or 110 gallon closed top steel drum in good condition.
  • Deluxe Systems add a drum dolly, a tool holder and a set of plastic tools including a Spill Recovery Kit, for a multitude of cleanup needs.
  • Auto shutoff float prevents overfilling the drum.
  • Premium Systems add a 30, 55, or 110 gallon drum, Heavy Duty Aluminum Tools, and a compressed air supply hose.
  • High Lift Systems are available for higher viscosity (ups to 1400 cP) liquids, or when pumping from below grade (180″H2O suction lift.)
  • This same technology is incorporated into the Chip Trapper Systems, which (as detailed last week) trap incoming solids in a Filter Bag, allowing for instant pumping out of freshly filtered liquid.  They’re available with the High Lift capability as well.

EasySwitch Drum Vac Systems:

  • These are our drum mounted vacuums for liquids and Dry material. 
  • Easy to switch from liquid to dry material.
  • Low sound level coming in at 79 dBA @ 80 PSIG
  • Turns your own 55 gallon open-top drum into a powerful vacuum system, in minutes, with a standard system.
  • Add portability and flexibility with a Deluxe System, which includes a drum dolly and a tool holder.
  • For a total Industrial Vacuum System, complete & ready to go right out of the box, the Premium Systems add a drum, a compressed air supply hose, an upgrade to Heavy Duty Aluminum Tools & a Static Resistant Vacuum Hose.

EXAIR Industrial Housekeeping Products Offer a solution to all of these issues.  With no moving parts or electric motors, they are extremely reliable.  If you supply them with clean air, they can run darn near indefinitely, maintenance free.  And no electric power means no shock hazard.

If you would like to talk about Industrial Housekeeping products or any of the EXAIR Intelligent Compressed Air® Products, feel free to contact  myself or one of our Application Engineers we can help you determine the best solution.

Jordan Shouse
Application Engineer

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One Product, Two Solutions: EXAIR’s Vac-U-Gun for Blowing and Vacuuming

I’m a big fan of any device that has numerous applications or dual uses. This is even more critical when it comes to kitchen appliances in our household. I love spending time in the kitchen cooking, but we’re limited in the amount of space we have for gadgets and appliances. So, anything kitchen-related that comes with many possible applications is immediately something I can get behind. I’m not sure what rock I’ve lived under, but I recently found this clip-on colander/strainer for a few bucks the other day and keep finding myself using it instead of the traditional colanders. The latter is pretty bulky and takes up some prime real estate in my kitchen cupboard, while this little gadget fits nice and snug in a drawer and can accommodate just about any size container. In fact, it could easily replace all (3) of the colanders shown the photo below!

The ol’ trusty colander I’ve used since moving into my first apartment has now been relegated to what I deem the “kitchen appliance graveyard”. Now tucked in a forgotten cabinet downstairs in the basement along with the other misfits and devices I use 1x/year (or less….).

Which brings me back to the purpose of this blog, EXAIR’s Vac-U-Gun. Speaking of dual-use devices, the Vac-U-Gun has the ability to be operated both as a standard compressed air operated blow gun or as a handheld, powerful vacuum gun.

EXAIR’s Vac-U-Gun is a low-cost solution to a wide variety of industrial housekeeping problems. The Vac-U-Gun has a durable die-cast construction and no moving parts to replace or wear out. In addition to being easy to use, the Vac-U-Gun is also more efficient than ordinary blow guns. By injecting a small amount of compressed air through directed nozzles, a vacuum is then produced on one end and a high output flow on the other. The amplified outlet flow through the Vac-U-Gun is 12 times the compressed air consumption of the gun.

In vacuum mode, the work surfaces can be easily cleaned by vacuuming the debris away rather than blowing it off of the surface. Rather than simply moving the material around the shop floor, it can be contained and transferred to a waste receptacle using the 10’ vacuum hose, or straight into the filter bag.

Switching from vacuum mode to blow mode can be achieved in just a matter of seconds. To change the Vac-U-Gun from vacuum to blow mode, simply remove the threaded cap and change the orientation of the generator inside. Since the Vac-U-Gun has a large 1-1/4” diameter air outlet, it covers much more surface area in less time compared to traditional air guns. This can help to reduce the time needed for a variety of different blowing, cooling, or drying applications. Due to the nature in which the Vac-U-Gun entrains ambient air, it allows for more force and flow through the gun at a minimal compressed air consumption.

The Vac-U-Gun system is available by itself, or in one of three different kits. It can be used with or without the 10’ (3m) vacuum hose or the filter bag. Various vacuum accessories are included in the kits to accommodate a variety of different materials and applications. If you’re looking for a versatile gun that can help boost productivity in a number of applications within your facility, look no further than the Vac-U-Gun.

Tyler Daniel, CCASS

Application Engineer

E-mail: TylerDaniel@EXAIR.com

Twitter: @EXAIR_TD

EXAIR Heavy Duty HEPA Vac Overview

There’s still time left to take advantage of EXAIR’s Industrial Housekeeping Promotion, now through the end of May order any of EXAIR’s Industrial Housekeeping Systems and receive a free Vac-u-Gun! At EXAIR, we have a variety of different systems designed to provide you with a maintenance-free solution for cleaning up messes throughout your plant. We offer systems for liquids, solids, and even one that can handle both. All of which will provide many years of useful life; something you cannot claim for the typical electrical vacs you may be all too familiar with replacing. For any of these applications involving fairly dusty materials, look no further than EXAIR’s Heavy Duty HEPA Vac.

Electrically powered vacuums or shop vacs are not designed to be operated in a rugged industrial environment. Filters clog, motors wear out, and you find yourself frequently replacing them. The GIF below demonstrates how many of these failures occur, leaving you without a solution until it’s been replaced.

EXAIR’s Heavy Duty HEPA Vac has NO moving parts to wear out, doesn’t require maintenance, and needs nothing but a source of compressed air to operate. A static resistant hose also prevents painful shocks that can be common when working with dry, dusty materials.

The vacuum generator is constructed of a hardened steel alloy designed to be resistant to abrasion. The lever lock drum lid fits any open-top 30, 55, or 110 gallon drum. Moving the system from one drum to another can be done quickly, allowing customers to keep different materials separate for recycling. Recycling companies will pay a premium for pre-sorted materials so this can be touted as another selling point of this system. It can be used with any open head steel, fiber, or plastic drum in good condition (ANSI Standard #MH2-2004). Complete premium systems with the drum and dolly are also included for customers who do not have a usable drum already. All of EXAIR’s filters are 100% tested in strict accordance to IEST-RP-CC-007 for a minimum 99.97% filtration down to .3 microns to meet HEPA standards.

An optional add-on, the Model 901373 filter protector, can help to reduce the time between cleaning out the HEPA filter itself as well as provide protection against wear. When looking to get the absolute most out of any of your HEPA rated filters, this filter protector is a must. It slides right over-top of the HEPA filter and pre-filter and is secured with a simple drawstring that holds it in place. The filter protector is an inexpensive tool that should be kept in the tool crib for periodical replacements.

EXAIR also offers a HEPA rated filter with our newest EasySwitch Wet/Dry Vac. It doesn’t matter what type of spills and messes you’re trying to clean up throughout your facility. At EXAIR, we have a Vac that’s Built to Last and ready for the task! Most importantly, make sure to get those orders in ASAP to take advantage of the free Vac-u-Gun with purchase!!

Tyler Daniel, CCASS

Application Engineer

E-mail: TylerDaniel@EXAIR.com

Twitter: @EXAIR_TD

High Lift Chip Trapper For Machine Tools With Below Grade Sumps

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost ten years since EXAIR introduced our High Lift Chip Trapper Systems…but here we are, and users have proven to be just as pleased with them as Chip Trapper users always have been. I’m gauging that not only on the positive reports we get, but from the impressively low rate of returns. EXAIR honors a 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee on all catalog products – you get a month to try it out – if it’s not going to work out, for any reason, we’ll arrange return for full credit. And, to date, nobody’s returned a High Lift Chip Trapper System.

If there’s one thing that machine shops have in common, it’s that housekeeping is ALWAYS a concern. It can be tough to keep with production and still keep the floors, machines, and even the air, clean. Then there’s the machine tool coolant. That’s a job that a good number of shops simply ‘farm out’ to someone else; oftentimes their coolant supplier, who’s also in the business of removing and disposing of (or recycling) used coolant.

That’s precisely what a recent caller who works in the machine shop of a company (that actually makes CNC machine tools) wanted to talk about the other day. He was tasked by his boss with finding a better way to deal with coolant maintenance. Their coolant supplier showed up according to schedule, pumped the old coolant out of their machines, and pumped new coolant right back in. It was convenient, but pricey. So they called EXAIR.

Since some of their coolant sumps are below grade (remember, these are machine tools that MAKE machine tools), we went straight to the High Lift Chip Trappers. Consider:

  • They develop a suction lift of 180″H2O (336mmHg), so below grade pumping is no problem.
  • With a sound level of 83dBA, they’re likely going to one of the quieter things running in a typical machine shop.
  • They’ll pump water (or water based coolant) at a rate of 30 gallons per minute, so even a 100 gallon coolant sump can be serviced in less than 15 minutes.
EXAIR High Lift Chip Trapper Systems come in 30, 55, and 110 Gallon sizes. All systems come complete with drum, dolly, switching valve, High Lift RDV, 20ft vacuum hose & pickup wand, two Filter Bags, and even a compressed air supply hose with a gauge & shutoff valve. They assemble in minutes…all you need is a supply of compressed air!

In their case, even their largest machines only have 50 gallon coolant sumps, so they bought a Model 6190 55 Gallon High Lift Chip Trapper System, and put it to work the same day they received it. After a ‘trial run’ on a couple of select machines, their plan is to cancel their used coolant removal service, and after getting a feel for the extended life they can get out of their coolant with regular cleaning, save some money on new coolant deliveries to boot!

This is just the latest development in a long line of EXAIR Chip Trapper success stories. If you’d like to consider being added to that list, give me a call.

Russ Bowman, CCASS

Application Engineer
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